The Words of the Jenkins Family

NYC Event Report

Michael Jenkins
June 26, 2005

Dear Family,

The New York Block gathering at the Jacob Javitz center was bursting at the seems with people. The lobby and surrounding overflow was packed as well as every seat of the arena was filled.

True Parents are very happy this morning as they cut the victory cake. We are here in NY with about 500 VIPs, Amb. for Peace, Clergy and members to celebrate.

Father's clarity and commanding presence captivated the audience. We are so grateful to NY, NJ, Conn, Maine, NH and Boston. When called out for the Boston participants there was a roar !! So many from Boston !!! NJ also.

We especially thank all brothers and sisters throughout America for your unchanging faith and attitude of attendance as filial sons and daughters of our True Parents. America is rising and we will fulfill our God given destiny.

The program was beautiful, the Prelude led by Rev. Daugherty was very uplifting, featuring David Bratton and the Spirit of Praise. Then Cindy Yokpore, Chris Allen Derflinger, Treena Hill, LaLeh lifted our hearts.

Then Bishop Pugh gave a beautiful invocation.

The Rev. Wyatt Tee Walkers son Minister Jay Walker and his wife Michelle performed with their daughter Jaychelle. Minister Walker testified that the three highlights of his Father's ministry were the ordination in ministry he received from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the viist of Nelson Mandela and the fact that Father Moon came to Canaan Baptist Church and gave the Word of God. Then he and Michelle and daughter performed beautifully.

They were the representative couple for the special Holy wine ceremony for blessing. All the audience participated. Rabbi Waldman repeatedly asked God that True Parents, Father and Mother Moon could live for 120 years "Say Amen" he would say. Rev. Jesse Edwards testified that Father Moon is anointed, appointed and approved. Then Imam Salahuddin testified that as a Muslim, True Parents have fulfilled the prophesies of Scripture.

Archbishop Stallings went beyond. He testified deeply to True Parents as he introduced Father. He has grown so much in his path to support True Parents, he testified so clearly and deeply that this "IS the one who is to come" This is the time - for family, this is the time - for healing, this is the time for the Peace Kingdom, THIS IS GOD'S TIME. THIS IS GOD'S TIME. He said strongly and slowly and you could feel heaven and earth shake.

The Video - This is God's Time was moving - about 8 minutes long, it captures Father's ministry in America.

Father came out to thunderous applause. He spoke very deeply at the beginning guiding the audience with love. Dr. Peter Kim translated in an almost simulatneous translation but from the stage. Father's mike was lowered and Dr. Kim's mike raised perfectly for a resonance and cadence that gave the full power of this historic sermon and message.

Then Dr. and Mrs. McGhee the Co Covener fo the ACLC of NY presented the "Tree of Life" to Father Moon. Minister and Mrs. Jay Walker and Mr. Joe Bisson a Korean War Veteran presented the Statue of Liberty to True Parents.

The Ambassadors for Peace Appointed by True Parents were,

Senator Lois Snowe Mellow
Dr. Elyanne Condon - Pennsylvania
Dr. Flowers - From Poughkeepsie
Dr. Frey from Connecticut
Father Crozier from Boston
Bishop Rosario - the Bronx
Imam Salahuddin from NJ
Dr. Khan, Minister of Pakistan

Dr. Lonnie Mcleod gave a very powerful call to action !!! He said we must fill the hole in the boat. He also testified that as a John the Baptist was speaking forth across town and doesn't know the hour the real story of history is being writen here with Father Moon. Dr. McLeod testified that Father Moon is indeed the anointed and the Messiah. (Dr. McLeod and Bishop Stallings fulfilled the John the Baptists role).

Dr. Voni Johyn gave the final prayer as the voices of praise sang "Let there be peace on earth."

Brothers and Sisters the Peace Kingdom is real.

We are grateful beyond measure to our True Parents trust for us. Thank you America for your heart to respond in a "minuteman" style to this dispensation of Providence.

God is great. Now is God's Time.

Love and Victory,


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