The Words of the Jenkins Family

Testimonies From Speaking Tour

Michael Jenkins
July 4, 2005


Dr. Zwadi Ya Ashanta (Columbus, OH):

"This event has been unbelievable! Never before has there been so many people of diverse race, color and religion worshipping together in one accord! I thank God and Rev. Moon for allowing me to participate in this historic event. God Bless you, Rev. Moon!"

Rev. Helen Cooper (Westside Center of Truth)

"I am so grateful that I was invited to attend the event with Rev. Moon. I had to really push myself, since my own anniversary was the night before. I am deeply grateful that I was given the chance to pray at the end of the program. I feel that the Holy Spirit really guided me to be part of the program. In the morning, although I arrived at 4:45am, I was only able to sit in the 3rd row. I am sorry that I could not get there earlier so I could have been in the first row in front of Father. I really enjoyed the entire time, but especially the last several moments as Father was sharing so deeply and so intimately It was like being with Jesus at the sermon on the mount. Father's words and guidance were the same quality of words that Jesus spoke. It was so special to be in his presence."

Empress Noble Ebadebo (Chicago - Evangelist of Life Center COGIC, Pastor T. L. Barrett, Jr.):

"I am so grateful that my Pastor, T. L. Barrett introduced our church to Rev. Moon. Through our meetings last night and this morning, I have a new understanding of what it means to be a member of God's family. I am truly blessed. Thank you God! Thank you Rev. Moon! Thank you True Family of Peace!"

Rev. Etta Ellis (Chicago, Assistant Pastor of Damascus Church):

"Father and Mother Moon: thank you for allowing God to use you to unify his people. I am studying the Divine Principle book every day and it is life changing! I will always stay close to your true family."

Father Dr. Peter Fowler (Chicago, St. Augustine African Orthodox Church):

"I was invited by a member of the Chicago Family Church to attend this meeting at the Hilton. It was a moving experience for me - to sit at the feet of this great man and to hear him explain about true love which God has for the world. He spoke with such conviction and wisdom. It reminded me of Jesus speaking to the multitude in the "Sermon on the Mount". I thank God for sending this great man of God to us to enlighten us on how to build God's true family!"

Rev. Olivia Jones (Chicago):

"Thank you Rev. Moon for all the blessings that I have received from you through my work with your movement for over 20 years You have shown us that now truly is God's time!"

Father Peter Manscham

"I was highly inspired by this important program. I am from India and was excited to attend this event. Throughout man's history, he built walls instead of bridges. But now truly is God's time. I can see clearly that God is building bridges through the efforts of Rev. Moon and this great movement"

Dr. Ellis May III (Chicago, Assistant Director of Vista of Chicago):

"This experience is an awesome testimony to the commitment and dedication expressed through the work of Reverend Moon. He is the TRUE Father, a TRUE hero and God's TRUE Ambassador."

Rev. Alonzo Morris (Chicago - Pastor of Original St. Clair BC)

"Until now we, black people, have established churches just for black people. Now we have to tear down walls between races and have to embrace all kinds of people, as Rev. Moon said. I strongly feel that we must change even our identity. I would like to study Korean so that I can directly understand Rev. Moon's profound words in his native language."

Pastor Franklin Morris (Chicago, New Mt. Calvary BC):

"I am so inspired by Rev. Dr. Moon! He gave me insight into marriage and family that I had never considered before. I now have a greater world view. God intends for us to be true parents and to do greater things with Him than we could ever imagine! Thank you Rev. Moon!"

Sister Greta Myers (Chicago - Evangelist of New St. Mary COGIC, pastor Rev. Harrison Bolton)

"The most meaningful lesson for me form this conference is learning how to live for the sake of others. Rev. Moon talked so clearly about relationships and true love. He said that true love will last forever. Now I know how to build my home and make my community better. Thank you Rev. Moon!"

Rev. Bennie Owens (Chicago)

"All religious leaders all over the world that has been truly called by God, need to come together and work with Father Moon to build the World Peace King Bridge Tunnel. So God's Hope for us will be Complete."

Dr. Robert M. Wilbur (Champaign, IL

he and his wife were the white couple that Father addressed many times in the front row during Hoon Dok Hae). "It was a blessing to receive the heart of God through Rev. Dr. Moon. We must all work as Ambassadors for Peace. Peace comes through each person, one by one, who stop worrying about denomination, race and gender and are only concerned about loving their neighbors. We can see the hope and reality of peace if we live for the sake of others. God Bless you Rev. Dr. Moon and your vision. You are the proof that now is God's time!"

Bishop B. H. Weeks (Detroit, Woman bishop)

"It was a great blessing to be with Father and Mother Moon this morning because Dr. Moon took the time to talk about how God wanted to realize a true family with his children. It was so clear! He explained how God's true love is meant to be expressed through the relationship between husbands and wives and their families. I have been totally blessed by this amazing understanding!"

Pastor Robert Franklin, Sr (St. Louis)

"It was a great honor and privilege to hear from Father Moon. I drove myself and arrived in time. I have been married for 50 years. I was so inspired by Father Moon's view of marriage as the way to bring about peace. His great work in the middle east to bring peace and reconciliation is very important. I will personally go there during the next pilgrimage. I have also joined the ACLC to contribute to Father Moon's peace effort. Thank you very much Father Moon."

Imam Aquil Hamidullah (Little Rock, AK, Iman for the Islamic Center for Human Excellence, who had been to Israel on our pilgrimage in March and he brought another Imam - Imam Hasan from Malvern, Arkansas)

"As far as I see Rev. Moon is the only one who has a viable solution to the Middle East. I feel that there are just so many similarities between what Father Moon is teaching and my own faith. For Muslims faith is a way of life, not simply a belief system. I see in Rev. Moon that what he is teaching is also a way of life of attending God which is how I see the Muslim faith."

Chizuru Quigley (Champaign, IL, member who brought white pastors' couple)

This morning Mrs. Wilbur called me and said that finally "I want to tell you something. Last night my husband and I discussed after coming home and came up with one conclusion. Rev. Moon is anointed from Jesus. He is the Messiah. You always asked us what do we think who Rev. Moon is, so I wanted to call you last night and let you know that we think that he is anointed of Jesus, he is the Messiah. "And Dr. Wilbur said also with smiling voice. "Now I can tell you. He is anointed of Jesus and he is the Messiah."

They both knew this is the only answer I wanted to hear from them for a long time. In last 2 days True Father won their hearts completely especially yesterday during Hoon Dok Hae time. I think Father witnessed to Mrs. Wilbur directly. He loved them so much as if he wanted to love all individuals in America and even in fallen humanity through them. True Father spoke to them as if he knew them, their past, their present situation. Since I knew them for quite a few years, what was spoken by Father during Hoon Dok Hae to them was just the words which only the person who knew them so well could have spoken ...something is so personal and understanding but something also even challenging. Also Father spoke so deeply about conjugal love which I never heard from Father before which touched and opened Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur's heart. Father said that you should even love to taste your spouse's tears and smelly toes and even ... . I also felt Father was speaking to America and the world through them about a real essence of True Love between husband and wife. As Father spoke to them directly in English, Mrs. Wilbur said she understood Father's English completely except 2 words. So she didn't need English translation through radio. She said Father's English was much better than English coming from radio translator. I really think Father and Mrs. Wilbur communicated in a language of heart.

Mrs. Wilbur is one of the most typical American women which is very rational, and down to earth.

Also, I recognized her exceptional purity of love which was not polluted by this fallen society. She is born as catholic and kept her purity until she met her husband. But not only that she has a purity of heart. That purity of heart must let her see the Messiah and could distinguish True and false. True Father was just a magnet to her. Father's words just soaked into her spirit. When Father asked her how many children she has and she answered 4 children including my husband, and Father told her that they should have 24 children. Mrs. Wilber told me on the way home in the car that even through he (Father) teaches very interesting and unusual family value which also she never heard of before she believed all what Father said was true. My husband said that Mrs. Wilbur even loved and received so well Father's speech. God's Peace Kingdom is the our Family's eternal Homeland" on the previous night before Hondokhae morning Yesterday Father melted their hearts completely.

I was so amazed because I felt Father knew them, their pain, suffering and their goodness only Messiah can know. When Father spoke about Marrage to them. I felt again Father knew everything, unspoken words behind them. Father's love for an individual, a couples and America must be his expression of love for the humanity and God. I see more and more that people of America are coming back to God through True Parents just happened to Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur in a historical Father 4 city speaking tour in Chicago.

Because of True parents' total investment of love for 34 years in America now I saw so the shining nature of America coming out from everywhere more and more.. Only that fire of True love can become bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger until a whole world become on fire of True love to come back to an original love of Heavenly Father. Thank you very much True Parents.

Rev. Willie Weston (Chicago, Pastor of Hope Evangelistic Ministries International)

"I appreciate so deeply the depth of the teachings of Father Moon, and I am particularly grateful for this most recent speech where He re-iterated again the fact that we need to :Live for the Sake of Others, and I have been able to incorporate that into my Bible studies and Sunday Sermons-more effectively as it has been on my agenda as a teacher and preacher."

Bishop Sammie Williams (Kansas city, Missouri, Pastor of Jesus Is The Way Community Church)

"Thanks Father Moon for all your suffering especially for Christianity. I am very happy that I was invited to attend Chicago rally. I felt God's love for America and how much you have loved and invested for America. I want to work together with you to save America. I am very inspired for your message, especially when you talked about husband and wife relationships. I truly believe that it is the only way we can save America. Let's work together to bring unity among religions. I am very grateful for your movement. God bless you."

Pastor Dorothy Burnett (Kansas City, 24 Hours Worldwide Prayer Center)

"Thank you so much Rev. Moon for inviting me for the rally in Chicago. I've heard about you before and this is the first time to see you personally. I was very inspired by your speech. I am very greatful that you are bringing us together to save America. I would like to work with you to save this nation. I believe in family values, one husband and one wife. I am going to do the blessing in my church the second Sunday in July. Thanks for saving the family. I will tell about your work on my radio ministry. God bless you."

Evangelist Marie Vance (Kansas City, New Testament Pentecostal Church)

"I have heard about Rev. Moon when I was a teenager. I had a bad inpression about him becaouse of the rumours. I met some of his church members and they are very loving people. I met Rev. Moon at Monday night in Chicago. His love and determination to save America changed my prospective about him. I believe God is working through him. I would like to work together with his church to save the families in America. Thanks Rev. Moon. God bless you."

Pastor John Deng (Kansas City, Sudanese Community Church)

"I am very grateful that I was invited to attend the rally in Chicago. I truly believe Rev. Moon is a man of God, sent especially at this time. I truly agree about his explanation about family values. Especially when he talked about homosexuality, it reminded me about Sodom and Gomorra in the Bible. My country Sudan has suffered for the fighting between Muslim and Christianity. And I believe that only Rev. Moon can stop the fighting in my country and bring unity in Sudan. I am willing to work with him to bring peace in the Middle East. So please let me know what I can do. Even it was the first time for me to see him, I truly believe that God is working throuth him. I will do the blessing ceremony in my church July 9. I pray for you, Rev. Moon. May God bless you and all your suffering for mankind will bear fruits. I will pray for you."

Michael Muhammad (Nation of Islam)

"Thanks Rev. Moon for your rally in Chicago. I was shouting of joy when you spoke about breaking down the walls that separate us. I believe very strongly in the family you explained about Adam and Eve and all of us being one family. I want to work together with your movement. I want to work together with your movement. I will go to talk to ministers together with your church members. Let's work together to save America and the world. I pray for your health. I truly believe God is working through you. I hope to see you again."

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