The Words of the Jenkins Family

David Rendel And Rev. Acevedo

Michael Jenkins
June 30, 2005

Dear Family,

When Bishop Kim was in the accident there was one leader who rose to the challenge and attended Bishop Kim at his home every night, even sleeping there. Mrs. Kim said should couldn't have made it without David. David is our AFC leader of Chicago Region and is doing incredible work with the Hoon Dok Family Church explosion in Chicago with Rev. Acevedo. Together they are developing an incredible Ambassador for Peace Movement. God is working.

This attitude of heart and sacrifice was a very central component to the Chicago victory. Father was deeply moved and didn't want to leave the morning Hoon Dok Hae.

Mr. David Rendel was the central director of the Chicago Block effort under Bishop Kim and fulfilled his responsibility fully. The amazing thing in Chicago is that the vast majority of the audience were clergy and Ambassadors for Peace who came with one week's notice. It was very significant.

David has been a businessman for many years and through the responsible attitude as a Blessed Central Family, he and his wife Agnes have been a model family in Chicago. David took the central role on this effort and in every way was the example of the "New American Movement" that Father witnessed. America members and leaders with the heart of True Parents. The heart that will not hesitate to make any sacrifice to save America and help this nation fulfill the role of the Elder Son.

David is precise, practical, sacrificial and most importantly moved in his heart by True Parents. He takes care of the Clergy and Ambassadors for Peace and is totally united with Bishop Kim. He is a loyal and victorious son.

Let 1000 David Rendels rise from among the Blessed Central Families. Let the American movement rise at this time. That is why Father trusts us. American's are awakening to the American expression of Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience.


Dr. Michael Jenkins

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