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Why VIPs Work With Us

Michael Jenkins
July 3, 2005

Dear Family,

The following is a letter that was passed onto me from Dr. Cecil Murray the renowned pastor emeritus of the 1st AME Church in Los Angeles and referred to often in the Media as the most influential Christian in California, and he is often lovingly called the "Pope" of LA. He is a most prestigious man of God. He was instrumental in leading the reconciliation efforts when violence broke out in South Central LA in the 90's.

He is also a decorated Korean War Pilot and outstanding patriot and fine friend of Father and Mother Moon. How do such prestigious people come to feel so sure about their work with us. If you read his letter you will see why.

Thanks to Rev. Henning, MacKay and Kyoko Holmes and his long time friend and our dear brother Pat Hickey for "representing" the love of God and True Parents to this great Christian leaders.


Pastor Henning, Mackay & Kyoko Holmes, Pat Hickey & family:

I shall send a hard copy of this email to Pat since I do not have his email address.

I met Unification through Pat Hickey some 15 years ago. Like Pastor Henning and the Holmes, he seemed to be everywhere at the same time. His uniqueness was that he was the first of his Church to introduce the concept of Rev. Moon. Somehow he managed never to offend, but rather with patient and enduring love, he let us see the light through him. He would make ministerial breakfast meetings, church assemblies, political brainstorming sessions. He would be present when we were feeding the hungry, or dialoguing about gang activity. Hickey and his heir, Henning, are synonymous with hands-on caring excellence.

Then last evening at the Marriott Hotel, Pat shocks me again with his largeness: he presents me with a Tumi briefcase portfolio that is unlike any I have ever seen. My niece was teasing me about the old bag I carry to USC, saying I did not look like a professor with the "piece of junk." I can't wait to show her my new stuff, with all of its pockets and accomodations.

Pat's card says that Unification thanks me. Then let me thank Unification for you, and through you.

Tim, I am grateful for the extensions you have given to me, constantly pushing a non-gifted preacher to the front, and believing in him beyond his capacity to believe in himself. Thank you for the lectures over the months, for the reading materials, the gifts, the coordinations via Mackay and Kyoko, the endorsements for Ambassador of Peace, including the permanent plaque from last evening.

I am here for you as the months go by, in full support of your ministries. My best to the lovely family of Pat, and to Muazzam, and to S. H. (sp.). God bless you and keep you all. I stand happily in your debt.

Chip Murray

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