The Words of the Jenkins Family

Emergency Prayer Request For Rev. Debbie Taylor

Michael Jenkins
July 12, 2005

Dear Family,

Our blessed sister Rev. Debbie Taylor had a massive stroke today. We must pray for her, for her husband Rev. Joe Taylor and for their beautiful children.

Brothers and Sisters, this is one of True Parents finest, finest daughters. We are deeply shocked and praying for a miracle. She and her husband Rev. Joe Taylor are long time blessed members and core members of the Unification Church. Joe is so faithful as is Debbie.

Please surround this family with Prayer. Dr. Yang, Rev. Hong, Rev. Daugherty, Rev. McCarthy, Rev. Francis , Rev. Fefferman, Rev. Goto, Rev. Herbers and Rev. Bayo are all united in prayer and the Washington Family have come together to do everything and anything that can be done.

I write this from Korea. Our prayers go out world wide for Rev. Debbie Taylor. She is the top Christian outreach sister in our movement. There is no finer. True Parents love Debbie so much. We reported how much she did to inspire the Christian ministers into the Kingdom. She is precious.

We pray that somehow she will be protected and we pray that we all can surround her, Joe and the children with immense love and support.

We love you Debbie.

Please hold on. God and True Parents love you so much. Our hearts are very heavy. My wife Reiko and I pray deeply for Debbie.

With True Parents Love,

Rev. Michael Jenkins
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

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