The Words of the Jenkins Family

More Material To Prepare For Dae Mo Nim

Michael Jenkins
July 13, 2005

Dear Members,

Rev. Jenkins has asked for this second installment of content be sent to brothers and sisters to help them prepare for Dae Mo Nim's upcoming US tour. This speech by Heung Jin Jim, given January 1, 2002, gives extensive background on the Chung Pyung providence. (It is printed in the blue Workshop Guidebook given out at Chung Pyung.) Because it is 15 pages long, we highlighted some of the key points in bold.

Already we have been asked by members whether they can have an individual meeting with Dae Mo Nim. Mrs. Richardson told us that Dae Mo Nim will not be able to meet individuals with special situations. Instead please help such people to understand the Fulfillment of Wishes providence, where members can offer requests for help with their particular concerns. This is unfamiliar to most Western members, although Today's World has printed several articles.

Chung Pyung has an e-mail list of women in the US who completed the wives' 40-day workshop, and has asked them to coordinate with their regional leaders in helping members make internal preparation for the tour. Many members don't understand that their responsibility is greater than filling out a form and writing a check! Mrs. Richardson has conveyed to Rev. Jenkins that Dae Mo Nim really hopes that members can be guided to prepare well internally so that the greatest benefit can be had by all participants.

Click here for the attachment Message of Heung Jin Nim from the Spiritual World, January 1, 2002 (pdf).

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