The Words of the Jenkins Family

China Event

Michael Jenkins
July 19, 2005

Dear Blessed Wives and All Sisters of FFWPU,

The four-city tour's internal purpose was to create a good condition from America in Abel's position to be able to unite with True Parents and connect with the love and heart of True Parents. Then with this foundation with a mother's heart American women should bring that with love and service to all of Asia and particularly to China. True Parents would like women from America and all the world to bring the love of God and the heart and victory of the four city tour in the form of a Mother's love to China in such a way as to foster unity and cooperation between China and America as key nations to lead the world to peace.

We are still awaiting clarification of details. We understand at this point it will be a special convocation. We don't know about numbers but we are cooperating in every way to make this a great benefit to the friendship of China and America and China with all the continents of the world for peace.

This note is simply a "heads up" memo mainly underscoring that as far as we understand the event is still to go on for August 18, 2005. We understand that it will still be open to American women who are members of WFWP and or Ambassadors for Peace. WE DO NOT HAVE ANY INFORMATION CONCERNING NUMBERS AND DETAILS AS WE ARE WAITING TO RECEIVE CLARIFICATION AND WILL SEND A MEMO AS SOON AS THINGS BECOME CLEAR.

For women who were planning to attend DMN's tour that will probably mean that you will attend the event on Monday, August 15th in San Francisco or possibly, but less likely, the event in Chicago on the 16th.



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