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Request To Sponsor Clergy

Michael Jenkins
July 26, 2005

Dear Family,

We are working on a special providence that is always central to our work and ministry. The Blessing of Marriage. It will be held on August 1st. To invite key clergy we have organized a special Pilgrimage for Religious Leaders that will be a journey of fellowship and edification as well as bringing the blessing to Key Christian leaders. We depart on July 29 or 30th (depending on the city) and attend the Blessing on August 1st and then return August 6th. We are close to making our goal of 100 couples. We have about 81 now. True Parents have been emphasizing that there is no other condition of more central importance than blessing and strengthening the family through the Blessing. This is an historic opportunity. If you support by sponsoring it will have special meaning.

There are many, many candidates who are now signing up to go. If you can help by sponsoring them please let us know. To sponsor them we ask $500 or even $1000 donation. We will raise the rest and ALL are paying part of the $2000 overall cost.

Please confirm your pledge today to Based on your pledge more clergy will go forth. Send your donation to Rev. Eric Holt 4 W. 43rd St. NY, NY 10036. MARK ON YOUR CHECK - SPONSOR FOR AUGUST 1st CLERGY BLESSING.

I am deeply grateful for your unchanging readiness to make "extra" sacrifices so that the American movement continues to fulfill the key conditions that Heaven has prescribed.

Please copy me because I want to thank you for your sacrifice.

Love and Gratitude.

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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