The Words of the Jenkins Family

Update on Debbie Taylor

Michael Jenkins
July 26, 2005

Dear Family,

Rev. Joe Taylor is deeply faithful. Attending his wife everyday. Please surround him with your prayers and your faith.

Rev. Debbie has made improvements and the doctors are trying different things. She responds to Joe. We are totally in prayer.

The next couple of days are very important.

One way to help is to donate directly to the family. Joe is totally with Debbie night and day and the Washington Community with Rev. Hong's strong support is pulling together to help the children.

Please send donations to Rev. Joe and Debbie Taylor, C/O Rev. Eric Holt 4. W. 43rd St. NY, NY 10036 Rev. Holt will carefully record all donations to help the family and immediately get it to Joe. Beyond prayer, the donations to Joe's family is the next best way to help.

Thanks for your faith.

Rev. Michael Jenkins
National Pastor
Family Church of America

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