The Words of the Jenkins Family

Special DMN Tour

Michael Jenkins
August 5, 2005

Dear Family,

The special tour of Dae Mo Nim is a most significant moment. Please pray strongly through our 40 day period of Prayer from JULY 5 through AUGUST 13.

Please make strong conditions. Especially pay special attention to your sincerity with which you make your prayer requests. (Prayer request papers).

Great blessing will come to those who can understand this providence. It is important to understand that Father directed Dae Mo Nim to carry out this process of liberating and blessing our ancestors and making special conditions that our prayer requests could be given stronger condition for fulfillment.

We must understand how incredible this course is and the opportunity that we have been given at this time. Many times we cannot solve problems in our families or in our ancestry easily. We always have our own responsibility to resolve our own personal course and challenges, however we know that through God's dispensation, grace is given that allows us to make a "small" condition for huge blessing and forgiveness. Such is the meaning of believing in Jesus and having the grace of salvation. Through a small condition of "belief" we can be forgiven and freed.

This is the same providence extending from Jesus through True Parents. Through small conditions enormous grace can come and allow God to unlock great blessing for us, beyond our merit or our "works". This is the Grace of God.

Grace is coming to America to help us heal and strengthen our beloved Blessed Families and Children. This is the course of the dispensation. Let the faithful people of Cheon Il Guk come forward now rejoicing in the coming Peace Kingdom.

Thanks beloved American Blessed Families.

See you on the tour.

Rev. Michael Jenkins
From Han Nam Dong

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