The Words of the Jenkins Family

China Conference

Michael Jenkins
August 9, 2005

Dear Family,

The four city tour had one central purpose. It was to set a condition that would unify and spiritually strengthen America so that as the Elder Son Nation, this nation could begin a new course of embracing all key nations of the world with a non violent approach to international cooperation for peace based on love and reconciliation.

The first effort of our True Parents coming from that approach is a trip to China centering on the Women's Federation for World Peace and Unification. It is sponsoring a "Goodwill Exchange for World Peace" in which women from every continent of the world will be represented. The focus being the International Friendship of Women and the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Each continent has a specific goal for women to attend. The goal for America is 100. We are now at 61 with about 10 deciding. America must make this goal. Centering on Mrs. Alexa Ward an excellent effort has been going on. I want to ask all of our North American families to make sure we do everything to support this effort. We need 40 more women leaders to go. This should be completed by Wednesday, August 10. The invitation for the trip is attached.

For those wishing to attend Dae Mo Nim's event and go to China, it is possible. You can attend on the 15th in San Francisco and then take Japan Air Lines (JAL). One person got a roundtrip this way for $980. It is possible to fly from Japan to China and return to NY, Washington or another major city.

I sincerely ask all families to consider how to help each region make its goal centering on the WFWP leaders. We are not asking the Regional leadership to take responsibility for this because we have full confidence in the WFWP leadership. They will make it - but to help them at this time we ask everyone to help. We need 40 more women to go. They must cover their own airfare and a $120 registration fee.

Please give your full cooperation.



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