The Words of the Jenkins Family

DMN's Tour Is A Blessing For America - 40 Days Concludes Today

Michael Jenkins
August 13, 2005

Dear Family,

As we are preparing for the liberation and blessing of our ancestors we are now concluding our 40 Day prayer condition in North America. We are also making many other conditions to prepare for the grace that is coming to our families at this time.

Why do we have to make such conditions of prayer, fasting and offering our material?

In the book "Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom Part I" Father Moon touches this point in saying,

"In the satanic world, every person regardless of situation is in the position to make conditions of indemnity. Making the indemnity condition is the same as making the offering in order to resurrect one's own self. Therefore, indemnity is something for which to be thankful. Because the way of restoration is to return back to the origin, unless one makes the indemnity condition, one cannot go back to the origin. The indemnity condition must be made by human beings, not by God. In order for a sick person to be healed, he must take medicine even if it is bitter. Bitter medicine is the real medicine. Making the indemnity condition is like taking bitter medicine; it is difficult work. However, without making the indemnity condition, you cannot be restored." (pg. 402)

The history of religion is the course of chosen representatives making conditions that allow the grace of God to flow out for the benefit of others We make conditions for our own restoration and at the same time, because we represent our tribe, race, religion and nation we are setting conditions for those whom we have been chosen to represent.

The more I see our Unification families getting stronger and stronger, I can see more clearly who they are. They are truly historical people who have been chosen to represent all of humanity.

What is inspiring is that the response to the Liberation and Blessing of our Ancestors and the sincerity with which people are seeking to better fulfill their prayers and hopes for God and humanity has been overwhelming.

Many families are deeply considering how to liberate and bless more ancestors. What ever condition we make is appreciated by God, True Parents, Jesus and the saints and all of heaven and earth.

This blessing of ancestors is allowing a great empowerment of our families to bring the full restoration of the problems of humanity. We are in a central position.

Dr. Yang and I are deeply grateful to the Blessed Central Families of North America. Though we all have different levels of understanding and confidence in the "providence" still the vast majority of our people always respond when history calls.

We will now open the gateway for huge spiritual fortune for our families and in turn for America and all humanity. We are grateful that those chosen to open this way have responded with such unconditional heart and love.

Thanks America.

We pray that great blessing will surround you, your family and your hopes for all mankind.



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