The Words of the Jenkins Family

Report On Chicago And DC DMN Conferences

Michael Jenkins
August 18, 2005

Dear Family,

Again in Chicago and Washington the response of our Blessed Central Families for the Ancestor Blessing and Liberation was a beautiful sight to see.

In Chicago the Midwest Block demonstrated the characteristic "unity" that has become the trademark of Bishop Kim and the families there. Thank you Bishop Kim and Rev. Takami and Mr. David Rendel and all the community leaders from every region. Participation was far and wide, and the enthusiasm for the opportunity to connect with the purification, liberation and blessing that came with Dae Mo Nim's tour was great. In her address Dae Mo Nim said that she felt the same spirit there that she feels at Chung Pyung. Several clergy attended and such a strong spirit of victory could be felt in the Ancestor Blessing in Chicago.

The dispensation of True Parents is tangible and real. The scriptures proclaim that one day the lion will lay down with the lamb and all will be reconciled - it is fascinating to see Father's courage and boldness to proclaim before heaven and earth that True Parents have the profound answer to allowing the those stuck in hell will be liberated and our ancestors to be set free from their suffering course. How? Through the fulfillment of the ideal of creation. Since we are all eternal beings and God's original purpose was that man would fulfill the three blessings and create and ideal family, it is deeply meaningful that we are now opening the gateway to the blessing through the coming of the Lord. This is the central purpose of the messiah, to cleanse and liberate all from the shackles of resentment, guilt and accusation and bring us to the place of True Love, True Life and True Lineage.

Through the holy wine ceremony as we ourselves have done, so too are the ancestors now engrafting into the True Olive Tree and receiving the blessing. The completion of True Love comes when God, Man, Woman and descendants all come together in the security of eternal blessed marriage. From this point stability and love and the power to resolve our difficulties can be found. This is the Blessing of the Ancestors that is coming through DMN's tour. In Chicago when we waved goodbye to the ancestors at the end of the ceremony many testify that the can feel or even see their ancestors smiling and waving as they go on to the workshop for the blessing. Soon they will return (after 40 days) and will bring great spiritual power to the Blessed Central Family.

In Washington, the event was beautifully prepared and most uplifting. Thank you Rev. Hong and Rev. Francis and all the pastors and community leaders. What a fine community Washington is.

Again, the faith of members and the respect for the fact that our ancestors are so profoundly integral to our own identity was demonstrated through the South East Block's families. In the lecture of Mr. Lee there was a picture of the Time Magazine cover from a few years ago that is entitled Genealogy - it demonstrated that Americans have become fascinated by their lineage and ancestors. Suddenly this change occurred and became a widespread interest across all ethnicities and cultures. America was suddenly being guided by heaven to really understand our heritage. This was clearly the phenomenon of the opening of the spiritual realms. It was most wonderful in Washington to see a most significant Christian leader who created huge controversy when he left one major denomination to start an Independent Catholic movement - Archbishop Stalling's main reason for starting a new movement of Catholics was because he felt that ceremonies in which the ancestors would be honored should be naturally held within the church. Mother Africa must be honored and recognized. Archbishop Stallings and his wife participated in the liberation and Blessing ceremony. The Archbishop understands the "reality" and the importance of our ancestors and has been chosen by God as a central representative of Christianity. His faithful walk is opening the door for thousands of Christian pastors to understand the work of True Parents and the meaning of the change of blood lineage.

The Southeast block of regions is made of North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Washington regions. There is profound faith in the families of this region. Just imagine, every family from Florida was represented. It was very inspiring to see the regional representatives bringing forth the prayer requests of these Chosen families to put on the altar before God. Prayer changes things. True Parents directed that a special condition be made through this tour and that it go to every continent.

Through a special dispensation by True Parents Father has opened a way for our prayers that are focused on problem areas or areas of concern to be given extra grace and power to be fulfilled. One sister testified that she had enormous problems with the persecution and rejection of her faith from her Father. This also caused problems for the children for criticism and rejection of our faith by our relatives is painful for us, but it is even more hurtful and difficult for the grandchildren. It creates a barrier of heart and separation in the family. The sister wrote her prayer request and offered it to heaven. Her husband was totally skeptical and not interested in this. She felt that because True Parents created this dispensation that we should go forward in faith. She did. That night her husband had a profound spiritual experience in which he envisioned angels going to her Father in great numbers affecting his eyes so that the "scales" could fall off and he could see the true goodness of the blessed family, other angels touched his mind and heart so that he could understand and feel the goodness of his daughters calling from God. Suddenly, shortly after this, the Father called his daughter deeply concerned and wanting to help her family. He said something in his heart changed and he really felt he shouldn't resist them anymore but should support her.

When we think about the barriers of race, religion and culture. We realize that just being nice and loving one another is not enough to truly have a profound breakthrough. We must have a profound internal transformation if we are to overcome racism, religious, ethnic and cultural divisions that has gone unresolved for thousands of years. It must be of the spirit if it is to save the flesh.

Only True Parents are addressing these internal areas so clearly and definitely, boldly proclaiming that we will even open the gates of hell and set the captives free by releasing them and our ancestors from the conditions in which we hurt others. How, through the descendants establishing the Blessed Central family, engrafting to the Tree of Life and then liberating and blessing our ancestors and all our lineages violated.

The value of the blessing and the meaning of the change of blood lineage is an answer that no one have ever brought forth in history. The foundation for it was set by Jesus through the communion, but since it was only in a "spiritual sense" that we would engraft into the True Olive tree we could not substantiate it physically and thus the Lord must come again. Now the time of the Lord has been revealed and it is bringing the full engrafting both spiritually and physically, because now the change of blood lineage is done through the holy wine and then substantiated physically through the family. By having a "lineage" of children that are born with no condition of original sin God is expanding rapidly his foundation on earth through which he can freely work.

This is the blessing we are sharing with all humanity. When we go into the spirit world we go as God's family, we go as couples in the image of God. Therefore the completion of the human spirit is most profoundly realized through the realization of True Love between husband and wife and between parents and children. This is the lineage in which God, the parents and the children all participate in creating the heavenly realm of God's substantial family.

Through the creation of True Families and the engrafting and blessing of our ancestors we as descendants can reverse their suffering experiences by realizing joy through living for the sake of others and by this we receive the love of God and the love our our reconciled brothers and sisters - this liberates the resentment of the ancestors from the pain they feel from bad experiences and broken relationships and hearts.

Father clarified this last year in his address at Chung Pyung.

The ancestor liberation and blessing ceremonies are great works that, through the descendants on earth, releases our ancestors han [resentment].

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
February 10, 2004, at Chung Pyung

As our ancestors are now returning to our homes after the blessing they bring heavenly fortune based on the good they did. We also liberate them by allowing them to participate with us in experiencing the resolution of resentment through reconciliation with people on earth.

That's why when you look at the Blessed Central Families, and their relationship with each their family and other families, you find that all the tensions of race, religion and historical conflict emerge right in our movement. Every blessed member feels that many times in the course of their missions they were "guided" into relationships in which they had to "restore" something. Some of our deepest struggles have come in our battles to restore the fallen history we inherited from our ancestors and our heritage. This is why Japanese members generally feel an enormous responsibility to restore or rectify the violation of Korean people that occurred in history. White people who awaken know they have an enormous debt to pay to rectify the history of relations with the native peoples and with black, Hispanic and Asian peoples. The special organization called Jamii Africa discovered a movement in Africa in which the decedents of chiefs who sold their brothers into slavery feel moved to repent and reconcile with African Americas who were the descendants of those who suffered.

In the course of rectifying this sad history that surrounds us, many times we are tangled or stuck in the position of not being able to overcome our past. Sometimes the past history, (based on our ancestors sin) is too great for us to overcome. That is the reason Father created the dispensation of the Prayer Wish Ceremony. It was to allow us to identify the areas in which we need more assistance from heaven to open up the doors of blessing. That is why True Parents gave this special ceremony to liberate us further so that the Blessed Central Families who are the branches of the True Olive Tree will have the purity and authority to bring the Kingdom of Heaven.

Father directed Mrs. Kim on July 28, 2004 saying,

"Hoon Mo Nim, tour the world and resolve the members remaining, difficult spiritual backgrounds through the prayer-wish offering ceremony and the purification offering ceremony. "

True Father, July 28, 2004

That is why this tour is bringing such blessing to our families.

This is time for resolution of the past and the beginning of a new future in God's Peace Kingdom.

Our North American movement is reaching a critical mass at this time. When taken collectively our movement is stronger than the Chosen people of 3000 years ago. The new chosen people are people of depth, faith and wisdom. They know the Lord and are staying the course. They know the principle, that is why even though many don't fully understand why Father asked us to participate in the special tour - their faith and True Parents and their clear knowledge of the returning resurrection allows them to participate in faith. Their understanding of the Principle allows them to move faster than the minutemen of 1776. It allows them to move with Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience.

Brothers and Sisters, as I tour America with Dr. and Mrs. Yang and Dae Mo Nim and Rev. Lee, Mrs. Richardson and Mr. Hiraybayashi from Chung Pyung, I want you to know how great you are and how much you have inspired Dae Mo Nim and True Parents.

You are an amazing people. God knew who to pick for his "core" "priestly tribe" that could become the center of the Fourth Israel and the "ancestors" and "founders" and "owners" of Cheon Il Guk.

You are the chosen families of history. God had to allow anything and everything to come at you to break your faith. You endured so many discouraging and disappointing suffering experience of rejection and yet you stayed the course.

Now you have overcome and our children one by one are overcoming. As I travel across America and the world I see our second generation also overcoming the same and sometimes even more difficult trials. They have to overcome the trial of not really choosing their religion and yet testing it and "discovering" it for themselves. Brothers and Sisters, don't underestimate the second generation. We have to trust them more and support them. Please give them responsibility and authority. That's what Father did with us as state leaders when we were in our early twenties !!!! Trust them. They will respond to the call of heaven.

Our second generation made up half of the audiences in every city. They are our hope. Believe in them and believe in yourselves. Your faith has made you whole.

Not let us give a Clarion call to all brothers and sisters who met True Parents over the last 34 years. Because of our lack of love and understanding and shortcomings as leaders (especially me) we couldn't nourish them enough and help each other enough to all make it in the first crossing of the Jordan River. But True Parent's dispensation is different. We are not the Israelites who have to leave our people behind in the desert because of indemnity. We have the power and commission of True Parents through the Holy Wine of August 20th, 2004 to forgive all mistakes from the past and bring total release.

Please reach out to everyone who ever knew True Parents. Tell them that Dr. Yang and I and our core leaders are sorry for the mistakes we made in loving brothers and sisters in the history of the American movement. We want them to come home. In their own way. According to their own hearts. They can connect and support True Parents and build the Peace Kingdom. This is the time for healing and love. Its time for all our family to be welcomed home. True Parents welcome all to come back home. This time we will make our house a house of prayer for all people.

Those of us who are strong should repent and reach out with love to all our former members and bring them home. Let's repent and forgive each other. Share the grace of True Parents and make a new start. Our movement could triple in size overnight.

Why do I feel this. On this tour I met members who cried with me that they felt accused and rejected because they couldn't keep up with everything. They felt alienated and judged and separated. Some were hurt because they were pushed without love and they grew distant in heart. Yet, on this tour, I met members who left our church 20 years ago and somehow through so friend they kept in the church came back for this ceremony. Somehow, everyone who came and accepted True Parents over the last 34 years were very very special people. They represented profound preparation in their ancestors and in their histories. That's why once they knew the Principle was true and they understood and believed in True Parents, no matter what, they know deep in their original mind that its true. They can't let it go. They long deep in their hearts to come back home. Our church has changed so much but many don't know. We are still struggling through history but we are now struggling as families. Rev. Kevin Thompson testified recently that a former member came back to the church and was so shocked at how things have changed. He had many concepts of what would be required for him to return. He was shocked to see how the gate has become so wide.

We blessed central families, as the chosen people have become mature and seasoned people who have been walking this path going on 40 years. We are the American movement that has now matured and come of age. That's why in our communities you will now find Elders that have suffered greatly and overcome. They are people of heart who long for our communities to expand and to embrace and restore all people.

Dear God, We are ready !! Please bring us those that are suffering in America. Our blessed couples are ready. We are still struggling but we are ready. Bring on the suffering of humanity and place their burdens upon our backs. Our legs though they are shaky they will not give out under the weight of humanities burden because we see True Parents walking before us with the weight of all of humanities sin and burden upon their backs.

On the four city tour in Los Angeles, Father said, that his whole life was one in which he was always bent over from the weight of this historic mission, he could not stand up straight and was feeling like he might collapse at any minute. But he said, "I just kept putting one foot in front of the other following God's direction and somehow God never let me fall down. With each step the providence continued to victoriously expand until now all of human history is restored." I now see Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yang walking in the exact same way. Others are joining their ranks across America and the world.

I have seen on this tour the faith of the Blessed Central Families of America. It is real and it won't change.

Therefore before heaven and earth and in gratitude to True Parents, True Family, Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim, I proclaim for myself that which was proclaimed in Isaiah 6:8 -

"Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me."

I believe that the Blessed Central Families are now ready and saying: Here we are Lord, Send our families !!! Send us into the chasm of division and hate and we will build a bridge of unity and love. Send us Lord. Send me Lord.

Matthew 11: 28 - 30

Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest take my yoke upon you, and learn of me: for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls, for my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Dear God, Bring to us all who labor and are heavy laden and we the blessed families will give them rest. We are ready. Let us lighten your burden God and please allow us to lighten the burden of our True Parents.

Thanks America. We pray for you America.


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