The Words of the Jenkins Family

Disaster Relief Efforts and How We Can Help

Michael Jenkins
September 1, 2005

Dear Family,

Rev. Richard Sapp our Florida Pastor is director of the IRFF Long Term Disaster Recovery Effort. He is going to Alabama heading up the IRFF Disaster Relief Efforts and coordinating with Rev. Rod Patterson, Christian Disaster Relief (who works with Dr. Winings). Mrs. Marilyn Rawls secured support from the State Troopers Barracks for housing for the volunteers. Up to 200 volunteers can come in after they get set up. You can volunteer by coordinating with Rev. Sapp and you may send donations directly to IRFF - Hurricane Katrina Relief 155 White Plains Road, Suite 204 Tarrytown, NY10591. Below are details concerning Rev. Sapp from IRFF Director Rev. Tsumagari of IRFF and Gunter Freystatter from Florida.

Let's do all we can to help all the Americans that are suffering in this enormous disaster.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

Dear All, Rev. Richard Sapp is leaving tomorrow with 3 volunteers from JAX to Selma AL. Rev. Rawls wife arranged a staging area/warehouse and temp stay for Richard. Him and Dr. Patterson from the Christian Disaster relief foundation are coordinating shipments of goods. Richard is setting up a "base camp" and will move into Mobile AL as soon as he is able to make assessments etc. Dr. Patterson will follow on the weekend with 200 volunteers - the first truckload of ice are supposed to arrive tomorrow in Alabama. Please send Donations to: IRFF - Hurricane Katrina Relief 155 white plains rd suite 204 Tarrytown NY 10591

We are also looking for a refrigerated truck for ice.

I will keep you updated.


Dear Board members, Directors, and IRFF family and friends,

As you always be aware of the sad and devastated situation which is cursed by Hurricane Katrina. We are hearing that it is the worst kind of Hurricane in the decade. They are saying that the death total may reach to more than 1,000. Mr. Richard Sapp, IRFF Director of Long-term recovery, is already working with FFWP, ACLC, CDR(Christian Disaster Response), and other agencies to provide relief they need. I will let you know more concrete information as soon as possible I receive. So far, I am hearing that they already have a location; warehouse where people can send all relief materials they would like to send. Also, they are organizing relief volunteers team. If you are willing to join as volunteers, please contact with him directory. In term of monetary donations, those who would like to send money directory to BCF who are affected by the hurricane, they can send FFWP HQ and those who would like to send general donations, they can send to IRFF International HQ in Tarrytown.

Mr. Sapp is the IRFF official coordinator for this relief work. His telephone number is Home(904)389-2789, Cell(904)859-5396 and e-mail: He is planning to leave with few volunteers to Selma, Alabama where one od ACLC minister, Rev. Carl Rose, who offered their support for this relief work. I will keep in touch with all of you.

Thank you all your supports!

We had the wonderful 30th Anniversary Celebration in Korea.

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