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Michael Jenkins
September 2, 2005

Dear Family,

AFC State Director had been helping all the families in Louisiana. We are grateful.

Here is another update.


Dear Rev. Jenkins,

Friday September 2, 2005

Thank you for the good announcements on They will help, I'm sure. $500 cash ear-marked for LA State Leader Rev. Jean Marc Nkoue is coming to my home tommorrow via FedEx from Bruce Biggin.

I'll get it to him somehow.

The Millers in LaPlace have electricity now and Wendell Miller still has a job. His company's main office is in Baton Rouge.

Still haven't heard from Mark Turegano.

Ronnie and Takako Bailey are still in the shelter at the Cajundome in Lafayette, LA.

Still no word from Gerard and Aslid Devlin or from Edgar Sierra or from Don Bergant.

Tom and Izumi Bonhagen are Ok in Lafayette, LA.

Sunday Service will be here in our home in Baton Rouge. We hope that the three families in LaPLace can come. We need to come up with a plan. I doubt if Rev. Nkoue will drive down from Jackson, MS. It may even be to too much for the families in LaPLace.

Do you have any ideas?

Rev Jean Marc Nkoue can be reached at (601) 969-1208, the Jackson, MS church center.


John Thomas

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