The Words of the Jenkins Family

Ambassadors for Peace E-Newsletter

Michael Jenkins
September 4, 2005

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

You are the hope for America and the world. America's prosperity and development centers on the unity of all Blessed Families with God's providence. One central focus of that providence is to educate key American leaders, elected officials, civic, community and religious leaders. Those that share our values for the family, the nation and the world should be appointed as Ambassadors for Peace. Father has requested that 40,000 Ambassadors for Peace be established in the United States.

Father has appointed Dr. Yang as Chairman of the North American IIFWP and I was installed by Rev. Kwak in December of 2000 as the Co-Chairman of IIFWP USA. Dr. Antonio Betancourt was made Secretary General of North America and Mr. Jim Flynn of AFC is the Secretary General of the IIFWP USA.

IIFWP USA has been producing a monthly email newsletter full of exciting and inspiring providential news about the Ambassadors for Peace initiative. Many of the articles are written by Ambassadors for Peace (APs) and are presented in a way that is engaging for the American public. The newsletter is a fine way to share information and inspiration with extended family, friends and associates.

This Ambassador for Peace e-newsletter is also a great way to follow-up with your Ambassadors for Peace and connect them with our growing national network. It is also a forum for Ambassadors for Peace to share their experiences and inspiration, and it helps to promote a greater sense of identity and ownership of the Ambassador for Peace Initiative.

There is a link on the newsletter leading to the Ambassadors for Peace USA website (, where newsletters are archived back to October 2004. The articles available there may be useful to you in sharing with others about the good work our movement is doing. Another feature of this website is an educational module on the Ambassadors for Peace principles.

The Ambassadors for Peace e-newsletter will be coming to your address very soon. I hope that you will take the time to read it. Then please feel free to pass it on to others. We would eventually like to see a very large list of recipients through your passing this on to colleagues, legislators, clergy, professionals in all fields and family and friends. Hopefully they will connect to the heart and spirit of the "Ambassadors for Peace" and eventually receive an appointment.

I personally have found the Ambassador for Peace (AP) e-newsletter to be very interesting compliment to other reports that are shared on the Family Federation website. There are many aspects of breaking news concerning civic leaders, Parents Day, the Native American Indian Ambassador for Peace development and other aspects of the work of the Ambassadors for Peace who are supportive of the vision and work of our True Parents and feel called to be Ambassadors for the Peace Kingdom. All these special people and events should have a very special place in which their news is reported and totally focused on the Ambassadors for Peace. This e-news is the way we can provide that kind of focus.

Please read it, offer stories and reports, articles and share it with colleagues and friends.

Thanks America.


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