The Words of the Jenkins Family

More Update On LA Members

Michael Jenkins
September 6, 2005

Dear Family,

Everyone has been located except Hugo and the Devlins in New Orleans. Any word on them??

Here is more that came from Catherine Ladolcetta in Grand Bay, LA.

Thanks everyone for being so diligent.


We're all Ok here in Grand Bay. Only water standing around is in our pond.

(Thank Heaven) Bayou La Batre is pretty much destroyed, though. The letter mentioned Brett Dungan -he doesn't live by the water anymore, but moved inland and up hill. His family is fine. Dom saw him 2 days ago. The Petrikats in N Florida are OK, too. The Rotondos and the Harry Hieta-Aho family are the only families still living in the Bayou. They are ok, but I'm not sure about their houses. If you know who and how, will you please pass this info on?


Love you. Catherine

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