The Words of the Jenkins Family

Support For Placement Of Families

Michael Jenkins
September 9, 2005

Dear Family,

Thanks so much for your financial and volunteer support for Rev. Sapp and Rev. Rawls in Alabama.

Now we need your financial help for our ACLC Headquarters in Houston. Rev. Bennit Hayes has placed 35 families in homes. They need clothing and financial support to sustain this effort. They have taken families out of the Astrodome and given them the comfort of a home. It is an effort of faith.

To support this effort financially please send your check to HSA UWC 4 W. 43rd St. NY, NY 10036. C/O Rev. Eric Holt. (WRITE ON YOUR CHECK - ACLC DISASTER RELIEF IN HOUSTON.) Please give to support a family. Your support will be placed and we will give you an update on the families you helped directly. It's heart to heart and personal.

Please look at the report on the Houston visit of Archbishop Stallings and I. It shows how God is working. ( website - "Out of Despair Hope Rises in Houston". Please show God's heart to the people of New Orleans by helping Rev. Hayes and the ACLC effort at Gloryland Baptist Church.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Especially after Father's tour: ACLC, FFWPU Pastors, counselors and those with the ability to give spiritual guidance and encouragement - go to Houston. Also Second Gen. needed in Houston at Rev. Hayes Gloryland Baptist Church : Coordinator for this Rev. Lorman Lykes. (



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