The Words of the Jenkins Family

Garard And Astrid Devlin Found

Michael Jenkins
September 10, 2005

Dear Family,

Thanks to your intensified campaign to reach out for our brothers and sisters in New Orleans the Devlin family was found.

They are safe and sound. Please continue searching for Edgar Sienna Hernandez, and Hugo Quintanillo.



Greetings from Norway

I just got of the phone from Astrid's brother and he told me that this family is safe and sound in Louisiana. They left from their home on Sunday and the drive from Louisiana took them 13 hours, but there they were received very well and they are living with some other families. Their son is already enrolled in the local school and there add: is in Westlake, Louisiana 70669, they do not have a phone but the family they stay at might have one.

Margoth Kalstad

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