The Words of the Jenkins Family

Tremendous Victory

Michael Jenkins
September 13, 2005

Dear Family,

True Parents are giving so much, from the time of Kodiak, to the time here in America. Always True Parents are sacrificing. Hoon Dok Hae every morning, sometimes three or four hours. Sometimes large groups and Father is teaching us and guiding us.

Behind the scene incredible heart and effort is being made to allow for the new Abel UN to be launched. It is the Universal Peace Federation. The Ambassadors for Peace around this world are deeply inspired as they see the power of True Parents efforts for Peace. In the IIFWP Conference many participants who went to the Middle East with us are completely transformed. From all continents they went to the Holy Land. When they see the pullout of Gaza successfully and peacefully completed, 10,000 Ambassadors for Peace feel something profound in their hearts. When they first went to the Holy Land there was no possibility to even discuss pullout. It was a ridiculous and impossible idea.

Then with True Parents Spirit Jews, Christians and Muslims united together in heart in Israel and Palestine and from around the world. They marched in the Holy City of Jerusalem lifting up the ideal that the walls must come down, not by violence or force, but by peaceful engagement, dialogue and sacrificial love for one another.

So much is happening before our eyes. That's why the Panels were conducted in the IIFWP whether on the Bering Strait, Terrorism or the Middle East, members of parliament and key NGO leaders from the Knesset to the U.S. Congress to the legislatures of the Philippines to Africa, to Jordan and the Russian Duma. Religious leaders who are known Muftis, Hindus, Sheikhs, Pastors and other religious leaders all are feeling a special "magic". We are feeling it. Our Ambassadors in the Middle East are feeling it. I saw the magic of the Middle East panel where members of the Knesset, Muslim and Jewish together with religious leaders and members of the Middle Eastern parliaments could come together as one family with substance and vision committed to work together for Peace. (Archbishop Stallings had and incredible impact on this panel. He is the religious leader that fulfills the heart of uniting with Father' s vision with Jews, Christians and Muslims totally loving each other.

I saw the power of Muslim Clerics rising up to condemn violence and terrorism in the Terrorism panel. Our time has come. The 38th parallel is going to be dissolved through the UPF and our work for Peace. Father prayed this morning that first America must be uplifted and fully restored. That is why Father will tour America.

That feeling that each and everyone of the proclamations that Father is making will come true. NOW. He predicted and proclaimed the fall of communism before it was possible to even consider it in 1981. It happened and the Berlin Wall fell. Father proclaimed that we will eliminate all walls and barriers between religious leaders and we are seeing that before our eyes in the Holy Land and in the Inter-religious work in America and the World. Now Father is saying all the walls will come down between Israel and Palestine as we march for peace with a Heart of True Love.

We will build a tunnel between Alaska and Russia to connect these great lands and peoples and create the final link to connect all the world together.

We will see North and South Korea unite as one peacefully. Father has proclaimed that this is sure to come if we continue this path.

Father has proclaimed that we will now end all war. That is one of the key reasons for the 100 city World Tour. To fulfill what Isaiah prophesied that one day we will beat our swords into ploughshares and our spears into pruning hooks. He is proclaiming that war is no longer feasible as a means for security or peace.

We must bring all into God's family. Now is God's Time. Now is the time for God's Love.

Thanks America,


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