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Another Letter from HQ

Michael Jenkins
September 15, 2005

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
3224 16th St. NW, Washington, DC 20010
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North America Headquarters
Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director
Rev. Michael Jenkins, President

September 15, 2005

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This letter is requesting that you give $500 or more per family to support True Parents' historic launch of the "Now is the Time for God's True Love" World Tour to 100 Nations. Now is God's Time! This letter is for you to give from your heart. We ask you to give. Please give more than the minimum. Pray and offer your heart to God. Your sacrifice for God with heart will only multiply God's Blessing for you and your family.

Please, beloved and precious American blessed families, realize that you are becoming stronger and stronger even though you have been through so much. What is the evidence of your increased strength? The support for True Parents has gotten stronger on each speaking tour. Also, the response on the recent tour for the Blessing of ancestors was many times stronger in numbers and financial support than 2001. Our blessed families' faith is being forged through many incredible challenges but, all in all, we as a people are much stronger. Father feels it. That's why Father feels trust for our blessed central families in America.

The other day he proclaimed once again that America is Abel and America will rise up to save this world. Father doesn't look at the surface - he looks at the heart. Recently, when Archbishop Stallings and I visited the Gulf Coast Region and Houston - I saw that spirit in many of the evacuees - the incredible spirit to overcome suffering and reach out for God. Many I met had overcome their trials with faith. That is why we believe that each and every family can sacrifice for Father's tour so that we can join in heart with True Parents. We are people of faith.

Now is the time to stretch ourselves so that this great nation of America as Abel will truly give Father the most powerful inspiration and "boost" to launch this historic tour. Let us launch True Parents' historic and holy mission from America with such power, heart and spirit that it gives True Parents the speed and power to "fly" with great speed and ease to the other 88 cities of the world. We ask each family to give $500 dollars minimum. However, we ask you to consider giving more. San Francisco families are giving $800 each. (Father asked Dr. Yang which cities can influence America the most - he answered - Chicago because of the clergy and San Francisco !! When I see the San Francisco members going all out to sacrifice and I see the national influence that is coming from the clergy (one is close with a former U.S. President), I know why Father could receive this report. When he heard it he smiled and starting talking about the Golden Gate Bridge). Some of our regions with smaller numbers of families are giving $1000 each. Those who are blessed financially please give much much more. Please give with your heart and sow the seed of offering with Absolute Faith.

Every time I write these letters there are always several members that write and call me with $10,000 offerings. Not long ago, one brother gave $30,000 and didn't want it known. One family gave $100,000 for the 50-city tour. It was a family that doesn't have a lot of money, it may have been all they had, however, True Parents know who that is and we will never forget. Heaven will never forget what you give in the hour when God needs your heart and sacrifice. We are so proud of you American blessed families.

When I see the fact that one email asking for help for our clergy to attend the blessing raises thousands of dollars and then another for the hurricane victims raises thousands more as well as over 30 full time volunteers - you can see the heart of America through the heart of our blessed couples.

I believe there is someone who is prepared to give one million dollars for Father's world tour. (What an historic condition that would be to be cherished by your lineage forever). I can never forget how much Father has praised his grandfather who gave all the Moon families wealth for the Independence Movement in Korea to liberate Korea from Japan. No one knew what he did. Many relatives accused Father's grandfather of misusing the money. He remained silent. He died misunderstood, lonely and even ostracized by the Moon clan. He was buried in an unknown forgotten place ridiculed and scorned. Then the truth came out about his offering many years later during Father's mission. Father understood that this is one of the reasons that Father has such great fortune. He then made a special condition for his grandfather's honor to be restored. Now he shines forever. What is your legacy of sacrifice that will be recorded for your posterity?

Again, please give what God tells you to give. Not out of duty, fear or judgment - only out of love. Please, America, we are the launching pad for True Parents' world tour. I know that if Father feels everyone is sweating and sacrificing he will feel so much power and energy. You will directly lighten Father's burden with such a heart. What did the patriots and veterans of all races feel as they were laying down their lives for America? Would it had been better if they did not sacrifice their lives fortunes and sacred honor?

The launch of the Universal Peace Federation has brought a new day for our Ambassadors for Peace and God's dispensation. True Parents' work is truly supported by people from all nations and backgrounds. It is amazing to see that many Ambassadors for Peace, whom we came to know over the years, are now becoming the Presidents and Prime Ministers of their nations. (This is happening particularly in Africa).

Father gives incredible focus and heart on every single day. From Hoon Dok Hae on Father is giving out everything that he can. He has a cold and his voice is hoarse. Father's coughing continues. Please be careful with your hearts at this time. Still he is pouring out everything. Father is guiding us with love and encouraging us to understand that the conditions are now established which make the transformation of the world into the Kingdom of Peace an inevitable conclusion. However, the one variable is not whether the Kingdom will come but how soon. That variable is what makes Father extremely urgent at this time. Any delay means that the suffering of God and humanity will continue longer than necessary.

Father is teaching that each step we take to bless and educate people moves the providence forward at exponential speed. Brothers and Sisters, I have seen it here this week with the Ambassadors for Peace from America and the whole world. We are now at a time when someone who comes to one of our conferences is no longer becoming "family" over the course of a couple years but now over the course of a couple days. This is absolutely real. I saw new legislators from the Holy Land come from the countries of the Middle East and simply come to be one in heart with us in one conference. They are committed to go forward now.

With this heart and with the help of our ancestors and the spirit world True Parents now want to create a condition to end war. That condition - the 100-nation tour - Father decided to start with America, primarily because of the suffering brought on by Hurricane Katrina. This suffering, especially of our nations' poor, caused Father to proclaim from Alaska that he wanted to tour America to embrace, uplift and strengthen the spirit of the American people, because America is Abel and America must lift up and unify the whole world. Father wants to touch the heart of America. That's why the theme of this tour is "Now is God's Time - Now is the Time for God's Love." Father mentioned at Ahn Shi Il on Tuesday that he will risk everything on this tour to embrace America and then the world. To our surprise Father will go to 100 cities. This is unheard of. How can he do it? It is extremely important that our hearts move with this effort. Father launched the Universal Peace Federation in New York on Monday, September 12, 2005 which is the Abel UN. It is the UN with God at the center and a fundamental core value of absolute respect for all religions and races. Father is very serious to advance the new organization - the Abel UN - The Universal Peace Federation. This event was glorious and filled with current and former Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ambassadors and top Non-Governmental Organizations and religious leaders. This made New York the first city of the 100 City World Tour. The World Tour started in America because America represents the microcosm of the World. When Father's tour succeeds in America, it will succeed in the world. God is working in an incredible way. Father will unify our Ambassadors for Peace worldwide. Katrina has made us all serious. Now is God's Time.

We must not hesitate, we must spring into action. We sincerely ask that every family member make every effort to attend and support this tour. Please support financially, but also, please support with your own effort to bring the people that God has prepared. We must come together with one heart and mind to do the Will of Heaven. Please sacrifice yourselves to connect with the heart of True Parents. Now is God's Time. Now is America's Time to bring a new birth to our nation. The Religious leaders are ready, the Ambassadors for Peace are ready.

The 12 Host Regions need your full support. We are going all out, with the spirit of the victorious 4 city North American Tour, and are now working to bring a new spirit to allow this great nation of America to become transformed and to rise up to embrace the Will of God. We ask every family to give $500 immediately to the regional headquarters. Please stretch yourself to give more. Please call your brothers and sisters. Let us also volunteer to help the outreach effort in each of the 11 remaining cities in America. This is the time to reach out to the most influential people of America. Don't think you can do it later!!! Now is the Time!!! Now is God's Time. This is America's time. A new beginning for America.

Father is desperately proclaiming in his speech that we must fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah which said the day will come when we beat our swords into ploughshares and our spears into pruning hooks. To advance to this stage Father and Mother are risking all to go to Africa, Asia, Eurasia, the Caribbean, South America, Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, Europe and America. There will be no land that is not touched by the power of God's True Love.

Please, brothers and sisters, please sacrifice and please give from your heart. Only from your heart !!!

With Deepest Love and Appreciation for the Blessed Families of America and for America - the nation of God's Hope !!


Rev. Michael Jenkins
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

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