The Words of the Jenkins Family

Members Needed To Help In Texas

Michael Jenkins
September 17, 2005

Dear Family,

We sincerely ask every member who knows how to work on the phone or how to visit clergy or Ambassadors for Peace to come to Dallas.

It is very serious. They have the right spirit in Texas, but the manpower is limited.

Please volunteer to lift up our True Parents in Dallas.

Please go from Sunday if possible. If you need help to get there, let us know.

We need members who know how to move people's hearts and get the spirit to fill the buses and bring a huge breakthrough.

We must rally together to make every city victorious. Thank you.

Anyone who is able to go for one week starting on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, please email

Especially Florida, or regions far away from the host city.

Please go to Dallas.

Thanks, America.


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