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100 City Tour Launched - Father Proclaims Victory In NJ

Michael Jenkins
September 22, 2005

Dear Family,

This morning (Wednesday, September 21) at Hoon Dok Hae, Father was very very serious. Please be careful. This is not a simple tour. Don't think its like the past or just another tour. We must save America. Not just do a good job or get accepted. We must make America the unquestioned moral leader of the world. To do that we must unify all religious leaders and joining with civic and community leaders launch a movement to strongly proclaim the Scriptural model of marriage of man and woman - one that is faithful and doesn't divorce. We must unite our hearts and create a movement to end all war worldwide bringing total reconciliation of all races, cultures, religions and peoples.

For the first hour on Tuesday night in New Jersey Father spoke more slowly repeatedly saying that he must make 100 cities and if he gets too strong he will lose his voice. Then around the middle of the speech the incredible power came and Father was stronger than in the 50 state tour. Mother (Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang and all of us) are trying to encourage Father to pace himself. (we might as well forget about it - ). Father paced himself as best as he could and you could feel there was enormous weight on True Parents at this time. Many times he said I am on the edge of death. He said in New Jersey, 30 % of my body is already in the grave. Father is risking his life. We must also risk our lives to bring the spirit of victory and transform America.

As he lit the candles for the victory cake on Wednesday morning (the night after the New Jersey event) he spoke for 90 minutes standing there at the cake with Mother. He said New Jersey when pronounced by Japanese members sounds like "New Love Organ" (Actually the other word was used). Meaning that a new age has dawned through the victorious opening of the gate in New Jersey. Congratulations to Rev. Kim and Rev. Geller and all New Jersey region. Also Rev. Dairo Ferrabolli, Joy Theriot, Kathy Sato and Faith Igarashi were totally united and played key roles in this victorious launch to the WORLD TOUR. You responded with heart and comforted our True Parents !!

Father said that now we have returned to the Garden of Eden and the men should be in the position of the AA and the women in the position of Eve. We must now reclaim the lost Garden of Eden. Father gave some meaning behind each of the 12 cities on the tour.

New Jersey was well prepared. They had a beautiful reception with 400 VIPS and then over 1500 attended the event. It was packed. There were beautiful flags of all the countries that True Parents will travel to on the 100 City World tour.

Rev. John McReynolds gave the invocation. The New Jerusalem Choir of 100 Voices can compete now with the best gospel choir. They sang "Total Praise" led by Mr. Francesco Santelli. Mayor John Crecco (former Mayor of Bloomfeld, NJ) and his wife Marion (State Representative of the New Jersey Legislature) stood before the gathering and reaffirmed their marriage and received the Holy Juice. My wife and I prayed for their blessing and the blessing of all who were there and that they will remain faithful to each other for ever and never divorce.

The Abrahamic Faith leaders spoke powerfully. They have united and gone to another level of commitment before God. Rev. Jesse Edwards proclaimed Father is truly the King and Peace the central figure of God's work at this time. Rabbi Mordecai Waldman proclaimed that this is the age of the "Messhia" and Rev. Moon is walking the footsteps of the "Messhia", he then proclaimed. "Let Father and Mother Moon live to be 120 years old."

Dr. Yang gave a message of love and comfort to the Katrina victims historic message that although Father Moon has been in America for 34 years very few understand his role and ministry. It is now time to understand.

Archbishop Stallings has gone to a much deeper level, not only affirming Father's anointing from Jesus and his role as the fulfillment of the Second Coming but with great dignity elevating the understanding that there is no other Peace King. He said, "show me someone anywhere who is living the word of God more than Father Moon. If you do I will follow that person, but I am here to tell you that there is no such person on earth that is living the way of God more. The one that is doing it without question, the one that is healing the marriages and the families, the one who is truly working in the Middle East and all the world to bring Peace is the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon." This is it. This is real and its happening before your eyes. He concluded by saying in such a warm way touching the audiences hearts - I now present to you, your True Father and my Daddy !!!..... The Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon.

Father's speech was unforgettable. The audience which truly represented the diverse religious faith traditions and cultures of New Jersey were well represented by the VIP's. The Governors of Pennsylvania and New Jersey commended the gathering thanks to diligent efforts by AFC representatives Lourdes Swarts and Richard Panzer. The city of Clifton, Newark and Patterson all commended True Parents as well as a special letter from Mayor Sharpe James of Newark. City Councilwoman of Paterson Jessie M. Dixon was introduced and she has decided to have a special Ambassador for Peace appointment program of several prominent Paterson civic leaders with the city of Paterson. The Muslim community was very well represented by Imam Qatanani and Imam Abu Namous. What a gathering for history.

At the conclusion, Mrs. Frederica Bey, Prominent Muslim Woman leader and the Honorable Charles Bell of the city council presented flowers. Also Dr. Luke Davis a prominent Baptist Clergyman of Newark and leader of ACLC, Mrs. Seriah Rein a prominent Family Values leaders working with AFC, A real highlight was the fact that the Korean War Veterans that recently helped to found the United Nations Peace Keeping Memorial Federation (UPKMF) in which the veterans of the 16 nations that fought in the Korean War gathered to proclaim their covenant and commitment to unify North and South Korea. Mr. Albert J. Gonzales ("Joe") and Mr. Gerard W. Van Brunt came forth and honored True Parents for lifting up and inspiring the veterans of the Korean War. They were so happy after the event.

Father's presence has incredible meaning at this time. Father is doing something that no man in history has ever done. 100 cities in 100 days !!! Every morning Father is pouring it out for history with a four hour Hoon Dok Hae.

Please do the same. Father asked us to read his speech once each day before the appointed hour that Father will deliver his message.

America is on fire for the Lord !!!

Thanks America. Thanks New Jersey !!!!

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