The Words of the Jenkins Family

Boston Wins Big For TP

Michael Jenkins
September 23, 2005

Dear Family,

Boston won the victory for our True Parents on their World Tour. The banquet of 1200 was overflowing with people. It was so uplifting for True Parents to see the quality of the people from the New England Region. Legislators, Professors from Harvard, Boston U. and MIT as well as students jammed the Westin Copley Place Hotel for a prestigious evening. The heart was there. The heart for God and True Parents. They were with Father throughout his address. You could feel it in the atmosphere. Boston has had their regular prayer breakfasts and Ambassadors for Peace meetings, very very regularly. Because of that everyone was like family. The atmosphere was so warm. New people that haven't been with us before were transformed.

The invocation was given by Rev. Richard Wright, ACLC Co-Chairman and pastor of the Emanuel Baptist Church in Worcester, Massachusetts. Rev. Juan Solis who led the ACLC movement to "end the era of the cross" was the representative couple on the stage to receive the Holy Juice. All participated in this blessing of marriage and family which Rev. Richard Buessing and his wife the Honorable Majorie Buessing (former New Hampshire state representative) prayed for the Blessing of all families. The Governor of New Hampshire, and both the State Senate and State House gave letters and proclamations of commendation.

Senator William Owens, State Representative Shirley Hicks Owens and Robert Willington leading the campaign to defeat anti family legislation were some of the featured VIP's. Also represented well were the Islamic clerics, Imam Rasul Seifullah, President of the New England Council of Masajid. Also, Imam Talal Eid - Director of the Islamic Institute of Boston and the Islamic Society of New England were there. Also Father Cecil Cozier and ACLC Co-Conveners Bishop Filipe Teixeira were introduced. From Harvard Professor Tu Wei-Ming, professor of Chinese History and Philosophy at Harvard and director of the prestigious Harvard - Yenching Institute. Dr. Thomas Selover, a Harvard graduate and professor at the University of Saskatchewan attended.

The Abrahamic Faith representatives were led off by Rev. Jesse Edwards who proclaims that the man and woman anointed by Jesus have come before us, the True Parents and the King of Peace. Rabbi Mordecai Waldman calls for all to pray that True Parents will live to be 120 like Moses. He said, how wonderful it is to see this new age in which all of God's people can now dwell together in love. Here we have the Nation of Islam and a Rabbi and a Christian pastor - isn't it amazing ?" Minister Don Muhammad of the Nation of Islam gave a stirring tribute to Father and Mother Moon.

Ambassadors for Peace were appointed by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, International Chairman of the IIFWP. They were Omar Ahmed from Maine, Representative Norma Champagne of NH, Rev. Phillip Fakyiesi from Rhode Island, Rev. Verdieu L. LaRoche of Boston, Rev. Vertell V. Allison of Vermont.

Ms. Cynthia Miles Gray, director of Music at Boston's renowned Charles Street AME Church lifted our hearts with extremely inspired and perfectly presented singing of Praise. We were transformed by here gift of song.

Rev. Michael Jenkins introduced a new initiate based on the Universal Peace Federation, that is the Universal Peace Force in which 36,000 students are now being called to sign up to become a new and heavenly Peace Corps that also will stand as a Peace Army of Compassion and a Peace Police. This Peace Force of the Able UN is to go into the hot spots of the world and lead the enemies to lay down their arms and reconcile. Also, this initiative will be supported by the Veterans of the Korean War from 16 nations. Highlighting the Paul Revere rode in Boston to awaken America to the path of Freedom. This night the launching of the Universal Peace Force will awaken America and the world to the Path of Peace. One that is not achieved with weapons, but with the power of heaven.

Archbishop Stallings introduced Father so powerfully. He shared his heart and said this it the man, the one God has chosen to help us understand our identity - that we are to be a true child to God, our purpose - that we are to build True Blessed families and our destiny - that we are to build the Peace Kingdom from America to the world. The audience was uplifted and inspired !! They naturally rose to welcome with their hearts the True Parents of humanity.

Father's address was given with enormous warmth and love. He shared deeply his heart for America, and how much he loves America. Yet he also shared that he was bitterly persecuted in Gloucester near Boston. Many came to try to kick Father out. Father's life however is built on a clear Principle - that we must love our enemies. Father has continued to love America and is more confident than ever that the Clergy and Ambassadors for Peace are now ready to lead America into a new age of Peace and love. The most central point to bring peace is through the Holy Blessing of Marriage. This is the engrafting to the tree of life and this is the root condition for change. Next by studying and practicing God's word we can unify our minds and bodies and end the conflict within ourselves becoming the temple of God. With peace within we can bring peace to the world.

One of our finest Ambassadors for Peace couple the Representative Carlos Gonzalez and his wife Loretta of New Hampshire presented congratulatory flowers to our True Parents. Representative Gonzalez went to the Middle east and played an important role in dialogue with the Mayors of Kafer Kasem in Israel and surrounding Arab cities. He returned and spoke at the Knesset and marched in the West Bank with the Sheikhs to end the division of all people. He and his wife are model Americans.

Finally the Rev. Albert Jackson of Christ Temple Church of God in Christ from Auburn, Maine gave a huge model schooner sail boat as a gift from the clergy and Ambassadors for Peace to our True Parents.

Now we know what its like for the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series. Rev. Kim, Rev. Jim. Edgerly and all the surrounding regions and organization s that made this event truly a beautiful example of attending and understanding our True Parents. Rev. Buessing, Rev. Catherine Ohno, Rev. Bismark Bamfo, Rev. Greg Odlin, Rev. Heaven and Earth is smiling on Boston!!!

Father was so peaceful and warm at Hoon Dok Hae. However, we know from experience he is totally focused on totally giving himself to all the world. We took pictures with the Boston family with Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yang. How wonderful it is!

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