The Words of the Jenkins Family

University of Bridgeport Was Very Special

Michael Jenkins
September 23, 2005

Dear Family,

Just a brief note. More detailed reports will follow. Father spoke for 2 hours and 47 minutes at the University of Bridgeport. He was pleased with the sincerity of the Trustees, Professors, administration and staff. The students there had great heart and energy.

Also the religious leaders were very much in tune with Father's heart. U.S. Senators Dodd, and Lieberman of Connecticut sent their commendations for the 100 City World Tour as well as a congratulatory letter from Congressman Christopher Shays. Letters from Mayors and City Councilmen were also presented.

It was most meaningful. The attitude of the special guests receiving Father's unrestricted and powerful message that was given to cleanse and save the family and America. Father gave deep testimony of how he went to prison in Connecticut. He feels that he could serve America by suffering through the prison experience. Father expressed that since he was imprisoned there he feels that he must love Connecticut more and this is why are supporting such a major University as the University of Bridgeport and the special business projects there.

Thanks to Rev. Kim, Rev. Hempowicz, Dr. Salonen (President of U.B.).

Father later announced the formation of the Universal Peace Force - A new Peace Corps and Army of Compassion that should be composed of 12,000 students who graduated or currently attend UB.

Father is victorious every step of the way !!!

With the Love of True Parents to embrace America and the World for the Peace Kingdom.


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