The Words of the Jenkins Family

Report On Atlanta

Michael Jenkins
September 29, 2005

Now Is God's Time
12 City North American Tour
100 City World Tour

Atlanta always does the most with very limited people and resources. There are much fewer blessed families in the Atlanta region than many other regions, and of course they were profoundly grateful for the 120 that came from Alabama, the 130 that came from Florida, and the 120 that came from North and South Carolina. Rev. Cho, Rev. Burgi Hutcherson, Rev. Kim and Rev. Yamane in Alabama, and also Rev. Hong, Mr. Gunter Freystatter and Rev. Chidester of Florida all were in full support of True Parents' coming to Atlanta.

The special team of Rev. Kasongo, Rev. Cutts and Rev. Kimura centering on Rev. Yang is a great example of working together to bring great results. They had been following the ACLC direction to have regular prayer breakfasts without fail for several years. Just like Boston and Chicago, where that tradition is ongoing, it's not only that they can fill events to capacity, but also the people come feeling like they're one family. Because of the regular meetings of Ambassadors for Peace and clergy, the people have a bond that's something they have come to long for. That's the spirit we bring to the Middle East and to every region of America. We create a bond beyond ideology, beyond just truth. It's a bond of love and heart based on truth.

Atlanta had so much heart. True Parents were deeply touched. First we started with a VIP reception that doubled as a press conference. We then went into the main hall which was jammed to capacity with 1300 and standing room only. Rev. Elay Kasongo and our Atlanta True Love Choir got the house rocking with gospel music and modernized holy songs. Rev. Edward Teeters of Homestead Family Church gave a beautiful invocation. He was a white pastor who was blessed in marriage to a Japanese wife. He gave a powerful prayers praising God for sending Father Moon.

Father was inspired by the sincerity of Dr. Gloria Wright pastor of Simmons Memorial AME Zion Church, who together with her husband, Deacon Dan Wright, stood as the representative couple on the evening program to receive the holy wine. At breakfast with the clergy the next morning, Dr. Wright shared an interesting story. She had a dream three years ago that she saw two pairs of shoes, the first pair was 9.5 men's, and the second was 6.5 women's. Then there was a giant scroll next to them, at the top of which said "Itinerary." First on the itinerary was Israel. As she heard some of the teaching, she had been struggling very much with theological concerns and other things, being pastor of the Symonds Chapel AME Zion Church in Georgia. But this dream confirmed for her that something deep was going on with Rev. Moon, that somehow the spirit of God was anointing this process.

When the trips to Israel began, she was overwhelmed, feeling that her dream had come true. Also she read that True Parents' original blessing shoes were in a Unification museum in Korea. She is sure in her heart that they are the shoes in her dream. This kind of spiritual background and influence is causing the ministers to feel very special about Father and Mother's presence on this 12-city North American, 100-city World Tour.

Dr. Wright has been downloading Father's speeches from the Internet, and she read a 1977 speech saying that one day we will all go to Israel, and the airports there will be jammed with our members. She had an overwhelming feeling that Father truly knows the future and is clearly sent from God. When she went to Israel with us as an Ambassador for Peace on the peace task force, she was shocked when she arrived at Ben Gurion airport and saw exactly what Father predicted. When she arrived there in December 2003, on the pilgrimage where we crowned Jesus, 3,000 people came from all over the world, arriving mostly on the same day, jamming the airport. Over 500 came from America. She could not deny that Father's words became real.

Now when she sees Father prophesying that war is going to end through his efforts, and one day there will be a bridge over the Bering Strait, she said I know it will happen. It's the word becoming reality. She has courageously stood with ACLC and continues to confirm through her study of Divine Principle and the Bible that this the work of True Parents is the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Scriptures.

Senator Donzella James gave a message of hope testifying that as an Ambassador for Peace she sees Father Moon doing what no one else can do - bringing all people together in America, in the Middle East and throughout the world. He also goes where no one else will go. There is no one in history who did 100 cities in 100 days. Father Moon is the such a man that whoever come to know him will be sure that he is the one for this age.

Sen. Donzella James is so forthright in her support for True Parents. She and her husband Elmo attended the event, and Sen. James commended Father for his vision of the Universal Peace Federation. She was very inspired by being able to attend three events on this 12-city tour. She was there for the IIFWP convocation which launched the tour on September 12th. She was in Washington for a special meeting of the Black Caucus and was able to attend the Sept. 23rd event. In Atlanta on the 25th she was able to attend for a third time.

The appointments of the Ambassadors for Peace were distinguished leaders Rev. Darrell - President one of the most powerful ministerial alliance in Atlanta. Judge Pamela Ferguson - Judge of Clayton Country. Professor James H. Burton - Professor of State University of West Georgia and longtime core Ambassador for Peace. Board member of Religious Youth Service. Mr. Kwang Hyun Kim - Founding President of the Korean War Veterans Association of the Southeast region. Hajja Khayriyyah Faiz - Sisters United in Human Service.

As you can see, Atlanta was an event that had profound depth, so profound that Father was given another level of confidence in the development in America. Of course as always Rev. Cutts and the Atlanta team bring excellent results winning support of key civic leaders. Cong. David Scott sent a message of congratulations. Letters of commendation were sent by Georgia Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor, U.S. Congressman David Scott, Senator Donzella J. James (GA), Senator Hillman Frazier (MS), Representative Paul Smith (GA), Representative Sharon Beasley Teague (GA). A resolution was given by Representative Virgil Fludd (GA) and Proclamation came from Dekalb County Georgia "Hope for the Universal Peace Day"; City of Eastpoint, Georgia - "Day of Hope fro Universal Peace"; College Park Mayor Longino "Ambassadors for Peace Day";City of College Park "Day of Hope for Universal Peace"; State Assembly of Georgia "Day of Hope for Universal Peace"; and State Assembly of Florida. Again all secured in one week!!!!

Father spoke with incredible power. He said one thing that really stood out. "I pray that God will bless the White people and the Black people of Atlanta." He said that it was so important for God that white and black people love each other. He shared that Atlanta has the key to bringing white and black together. He was so well received in Atlanta. The people there have been regularly attending our monthly ACLC meetings. It was wonderful. Father poured out his heart for 2 hours and 47 minutes. He gave everything. At some points in his speech the audience became so serious - he was giving a serious warning that these are the last days and America must turn to God. Father is warning also that we must fulfill our responsibility by 2012 or there may be a world wide Nuclear holocaust. Then he returned to the love and heart of his message, that the key to all of our challenges is to receive the Holy Blessing of Marriage. He really is deeply concerned that everyone is engrafted into the Tree of Life. Also, that the Universal Peace Federation become the new Able type United Nations that God needs for history. That the Universal Peace Force of 36,000 students combined with Veterans (especially of Korea) and the Ambassadors for Peace and Religious Leaders will march into the hot spots of the world without weapons and proclaim that we shall "Study War No More".

It was a pandemonium of Joy after the event. All were signing Peace, Shalom, Salaam Alaikam. It was overwhelming. The Atlanta True Love Choir started belting it out again until the place was shaking.

Apostle Willie R. Malcomb - Apostle of 36 Churches of the Church Triumphant and Elder Rena Marroquin - Elder of the Covenant Presbyterian Church of Atlanta presented the flowers to congratulate True Parents. Judge Ferguson (a white judge from Clayton County) and Senator James (an African American Senator from Georgia) gave the Now Is God's Time Clock. Symbolizing that God's Time and total power to bring the Peace Kingdom has come.

At our dinner after the speech she shared that she had been overwhelmed by the speech. She said, "In New York I was touched by the points about lineage. Father mentioned that we should keep reading it so I have been. When I heard it again in Washington, so much more came to me as I understood. In Atlanta it was like reading a new speech, with so much deep content about true love and bringing peace on earth. The more I read the more I understand. The more I hear Father Moon the more I come to know. I believe these are the words of God.

I saw the work he is doing in the Holy Land, especially in Gaza. He is literally tearing down the walls between the Muslims and Jews. There is no doubt in my mind. I was raised as a Catholic, and I hoped as a little girl that I would see the day when people would stop fighting. I can see this day happening right before my eyes. I want everyone to know we should be rejoicing and be excited because God has sent the man who can bring heaven on earth."

An Ambassador for Peace, Mrs. Rena Marroquin, shared, "I read the speech a week before I heard Rev. Moon deliver the message. I'm amazed that after giving the same speech 6 times, Rev. Moon has such a sense of humor. I'm an Elder in the Presbyterian Church and we tend to allow our scholarship to be in our heads instead of coming into our hearts. One of my church members tried to discourage me from associating with Rev. Moon, saying Rev. Moon says he's Jesus. I answered her, shouldn't we all be Jesus. We need to let the Spirit of God live in us as this man does. We all want to believe something, but when it's right in front of us, we doubt.

"When we were studying the Bible in Sunday school last week, many began to complain that our Sunday school teacher was too radical, but when we examined what he was teaching, it was exactly what Jesus said we should do. If you really follow the teaching of Jesus, you will be seen as radical in this world that tries to make everybody conform to the theme of division, hatred, and isolation from one other. Jesus came to tear down the walls. He was truly radical. Rev. Moon is the same. That's why there is such a controversy. He is doing what the word of God actually says we should do. He is loving his enemies and making them his friends. He's doing that to change the nation and the world for God.

Min. Stephen Muhammad, Nation of Islam shared that Rev. Moon is a great revolutionary. He's leaving behind a legacy of love and sacrifice for all humanity.

Mrs. Margaret Muhammad (Minister Stephen's wife) testified that this was such a beautiful event, with beautiful music and beautiful prayers. We all live in such fear; we have our own reality of fear. We don't know how to open up to each other. Minister Farrakhan told us, you can run with the Unification people; they are part of our family. Rev. Moon was so warm, and yet there was a certain sadness. Maybe this would be the last time he would speak in Atlanta. I hope that's not true. Rev. Moon wants to keep doing the work of God each and every day of his life. Rev. Moon has taught me so much. I'm so grateful to God.

Apostle Willie Malcolm, apostle of 67 churches in the South shared, "I don't have words to express my experience with Rev. Moon. I met him the first time he came to Atlanta in the early 70s with the Little Angels. I knew then without question that he had a special mission before God. Even then I felt that he might be the Messiah. Our church never had crosses, so we were already in tune with many things that he teaches. He is doing everything, making an impact not only in religion but also in the world of politics, the world of media, the world of performing arts, but he does it with love and kindness for everyone. He's making enormous impact in the Middle East. He's making enormous impact on the world where there's conflict. He's like a big magnet and I must say, I don't want to stop being magnetized." (At breakfast Father was deeply touched by Apostle Malcolm, and said to him, "You are a very special man. You have a special spirit and special love for True Parents." Apostle Malcolm just smiled and said, I just want to be like you, Father. I pray I can truly become like you.)

Elder Sammy Gilstrap, one of the pastors of a major church under Apostle Malcolm's jurisdiction said, "As soon as I heard Father Moon was coming to Atlanta, I really prayed and thought how special it is that he chose Atlanta out of all the cities of America. I wanted to catch the spirit of why he was coming here. He could have gone anywhere else. We discovered that this is the seventh time that Rev Moon has spoken in Atlanta. He's so universal, connecting everything together. Everyone should want to have the original ideal. We can bring everything together this way. I was so elated to see Rev. Moon."

Sister Eva Gilstrap, his wife: "This is the first time I attended FFWP or ACLC. However, through my husband's encouragement I began to understand the Divine Principle. Tonight was such a beautiful experience and confirmation for me. We live in a divided and separated world, but our suffering does not come from God. Our suffering comes from the fact that we are all separated, yet now God has sent the one who can bring the Kingdom. We can live our own way, the hard way, or we can go God's way. Rev. Moon said he needs each of us to do greater works. National leaders are coming to Rev. Moon even though he is being persecuted. We are deeply inspired by his visit."

Mrs. Marilyn Rawls, Hopewell Baptist Church. "I have come to know that True Father is the messiah. When I first heard about the Divine Principle I asked God three times if Father Moon was the one. The first time God said, `I am. The second time God said, I am that I am. The third time God said, when you see me, you see the father.' When I see Rev. Moon I know I'm looking at the spirit of God. In Father Moon's speech I could sense his urgency, that if we don't live by this content, we could miss the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. He is serious about this being God's time. If I don't do it now, my children will have to do it later. When Father speaks about the Bering Strait tunnel, I know without question it's going to happen. I'm going to be there for the opening day, and one day my children will drive over it."

Rabbi Mordecai Waldman: "I cannot believe how much strength Rev. Moon has. After three hours of speaking he's still injecting energy into the audience. This is like a dream for me. I read in the Torah that one day God would bring all nations together and they would be his people. God would bring his judgment, not just of the Jews but for all people. When I was a lawyer before I became a rabbi, somehow my heart was open and I asked people, shouldn't we be bringing other people into the synagogue? Many of my fellow worshipers were so shocked and said, are you crazy? This is only for the Jews. I said, yes, that's true, yet the Scripture says that one day God is going to bring all the nations together and all will be called his people. When I attended the Coronation for the King of Peace on March 23rd on Capitol Hill, I saw the visions of the Scripture being fulfilled and that's why I blew the shofar. Without question there is no one in the world who can bring Christians, Muslims and Jews together in one heart like this and have them stay together. I am so grateful that God allowed me travel on this tour. I feel my Judaism has been greatly enhanced, and I feel respect and love from all my brothers and sisters."

The breakfast meeting the next morning was deeply moving. Father signed speech books and everybody gathered behind his chair to get their own historic photo. Elder Horton, a minister who stood with ACLC for years but never had the chance to personally meet Father Moon, stood next to him. You could see the ears in her eyes of gratitude that she could meet him face to face. Dr. Gloria Wright was standing behind Father for the picture, and said, Father Moon, I want your anointing and I just wanted to shake your hand. Without hesitation, without looking back at her, his hand shot up and she grabbed his hand and he shook it, and turned and smiled at her. Then Elder Horton shook his hand. Father said, thank you. Father and Mother can feel genuine love - whether from senators and congressmen, or apostles heading large congregations, true love knows no bounds and knows no distinction. When we are real with True Parents, the floodgates of love and purity and happiness open. That's what we experienced in Georgia.

Thank you, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina regions. You did it all.

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