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"D" Is For Destiny - Dallas Report On Now Is God's Time World Tour

Michael Jenkins
September 26, 2005

Now Is God's Time
God's Ideal Family: The Model for World Peace
12 City North American Tour
100 City World Tour

True Father's arrival in Dallas had a sense of destiny. Many wondered if the event would still go forward with the enormous evacuations going on in Houston just a couple of days earlier. Over 1.5 million people evacuated the Gulf coast, from Galveston to Mississippi. Houston also was evacuated, and evacuees there from New Orleans had to evacuate a second time. Terrible predictions based on Katrina made it hard to imagine that we would even think of holding an event in Texas. But as always there was not even a second thought as to whether Father would go to Texas. Father wanted to embrace the Katrina victims and uplift America. Amazingly, the storm changed direction, lost power, and though it was still destructive, did not bring much damage to the Houston-Galveston area.

Rev. Bennit Hayes, who's been doing outstanding ACLC relief work to help the evacuees, never left Houston through Hurricane Rita. He and his wife and a number of key members wanted to stay to take care of the people left behind. As it turns out, the people began to return on Sunday. By Monday Rev. Hayes was able to organize a bus of key people from his congregation and community. Even with all this turmoil going on, 56 people came from Rev. Hayes' church. It was quite significant. Rev. Hayes was as inspired as ever.

At the press conference several media were represented. It was good to see so many clergy and Ambassadors for Peace cooperating so well together - imams, international professors, civic and community leaders. Mr. Fred Jones, an Ambassador or Peace, community leader and founder of Jones 2000 and Beyond, spoke as a resident of Dallas, testifying that the impact of the Ambassadors for Peace from the local to the international level is the most significant thing he's ever seen. He mentioned that we have built a movement and we're going to change the conflict situations in our community, as well as our nation and the Middle East. Rev. Jones helped organize a number of meetings and media radio interviews at which Archbishop Stallings spoke. On one major radio talk show, Archbishop Stallings was on the air or over an hour and a key pastor who is state president of SCLC of Texas, gave a strong endorsement for the Now Is God's Time tour and the work that Father Moon is doing.

The invocation was given by Rev. Dr. Harold Edwards, bishop of the southeast jurisdiction of the Church of the Living God. Also Esther Davis, a prominent leader in government and civil society, expressed her confidence in the Ambassadors for Peace after her recent trip to Korea, in which the international Ambassadors for Peace assembled. It was truly a great testimony. She had just come from the Dallas mayor's office, from whom she secured a beautiful proclamation commending Father Moon on every level as an Ambassador for Peace. The mayor expressed interest in how Rev. Moon was doing and his health. Esther reassured the mayor that Father Moon is stronger than ever.

At the press conference, Archbishop Stallings and Rev. Jenkins both gave details on the tour, highlighting the Bering Strait World Peace King Bridge initiative, and also the Universal Peace Federation. On the program, the Abrahamic faiths came together with different representation this time. Rev Dr. Bennit Hayes, ACLC national executive committee member and pastor of Gloryland Baptist Church, gave a rousing testimony that there is no other leader in the world who is anointed as Rev. Moon is, to tear down the walls between Jews, Christians and Muslims. Father Moon is the man that God has chosen for this hour. He is the one we call Messiah. Messiah means anointed of God. I know Jesus has anointed him and I know that he has blessed this work, and I'm here to tell you that everyone should look carefully because this man is the one that God has chosen and I'm excited to tell everyone about it.

Then Imam Hassan from the Islamic Center of Arkansas came forward and testified that as a Muslim he totally trusts Father Moon is the one who lives according to the Koran, teaches and acts in such a way that it makes it easy for Muslims to trust and follow him. He also leads all the people of the Book to find the common ground and come together as one family. This is most serious ministry and I'm here to tell you that we as representatives of Islam feel confidence in his heart for Allah.

Rabbi Mordechai Waldman once again touched the hearts of the audience, and you can see in each city of the tour he is growing in understanding and depth. He was touched by God to be able to stand with Father Moon on every step of the tour. He testifies that he is a cancer survivor, and that as a lawyer he had no interest in ministry. But when he faced death, he felt called by God that if he survived, he should dedicate his life to God. After his recovery he got a call from a local synagogue whose leaders had heard he was interested in ministry, and he became a part-time rabbi, and later the chief rabbi for that synagogue.

Dr. Yang then appointed four Ambassadors for Peace: Dr. Singh, active worldwide w/ UNA and a retired Colonel of the Indian, Mr. Maleh, Syrian-born international peace award recipient; Ms. Del Hendrixson founder of "Bajito Onda", an Int'l anti-gang ministry Bishop Larry Mc Griff , hi-ranking in Church of the Living God.

When we did the holy wine ceremony, Mr. Fred Jones and his wife Debra were the representative couple. They are strong Ambassadors for Peace, totally committed to the cause. They are not religious leaders but civil society leaders and professionals who know how to organize people. They brought dozens of people through their efforts for this event. I could see in his eyes that Fred had the inspiration to do much more. Fred was first introduced to our movement when Mother Moon spoke in Dallas. He was given an Ambassador for Peace appointment. Mr. Jones alerted Bishop Stallings to the fact that there was misunderstanding among some of the clergy concerning Father Moon. Some were hearing that he was claiming that he was Jesus. Bishop Stallings, with Fred's help did some excellent radio shows and also spoke with a gathering when we visited Dallas one week before and for many understanding came. Father Moon is not Jesus. He is the "anointed" one. He is the Messiah and Jesus is working through him. Somehow that took root in many key leaders hearts and he's been working hard ever since. It was very, very interesting to see his energy and enthusiasm, to see the people he was bringing together.

It was also beautiful to see how the Native American families from Oklahoma, led by Rev. George Akeen. They were so inspired and participated fully in the program, especially in the holy wine ceremony. Rev. Akeen must have guided them in advance because they participated so smoothly, with spouses holding hands.

Dr. Yang's address always gives a strong foundation for people to understand who Father is. We showed the "Man of Peace" video. Then Archbishop Stallings spoke. It was amazing what Dallas accomplished. Just one week before when we visited Dallas, there were perhaps 50 to 100 people confirmed But this night there was clearly over 1,000 in the audience. So many prominent clergy, many of whom had not been with us for several years, had come back to witness this event.

Archbishop Stallings said, don't believe what you hear. Come and see for yourself. Come and see Rev Moon, see what he's teaching and see the fruits. When you understand the fruits, you'll understand the man. By his fruits you will know him, and I've come to know that his identity is clear. All the churches and pastors should understand that the hour has now come that God's people must rise up and stand together. God has sent the leader who can bring us together to march into the Kingdom. I'm grateful for you tonight because you will get to see. Come see a man, the one whom God has sent, and you will understand that he is the one to lead us to the Peace Kingdom, he is the one - and - we need not look or another.

When Father got up for the keynote address, there was such a feeling of victory in the audience. Because they had overcome the hurricanes to come together, there was a sense of excitement. Father must have referred to Dallas 40 or 50 times in his speech, talking about the Texans over and over again. There was such warmth with Father and the audience. One lady minister in the front said hallelujah. Father picked up on that and said over and over, hallelujah. The speech flowed beautifully.

Father's comments were directed very much to the people of Texas. They had weathered the storm but Father encouraged them to understand that if they really unite with Father Moon, they can transform Texas. Texas can become the shining state to help lead all of America.

Father looked at the audience of 1,000-plus and said, the people gathered here are a testimony to the power of God. Texas can and will be transformed by this movement. You clergy here, are you serious? Father shared with them about lineage, going into deep discussion about the need to understand how precious is the holy blessing, that the blessing is the only way to peace, and that ultimately exchange marriage between partners of different races and nations is the way to peace.

Father only spoke two h ours, but there was such rapport with the audience that he could feel how close they were in heart to him. Rev. Tessie Willis and her husband Ron, who had been deployed to Iraq for over a year, working as a civilian employee of the US Army, were totally committed to help bring the people for Father's address. They did much to reach top clergy in the area.

When we called upon Gloryland Baptist Church to be recognized, it was wonderful to see them all shout. Rev. Hayes had mentioned earlier, my people are so excited. This is the first church in America where the whole church has come to accept the Divine Principle. Rev. Hayes has the Divine Principle in the pulpit, teaching it together with the Bible. In his office he has a stack of Principle books, and all his assistant pastors have been trained in Principle and received the blessing. You could see it in the spirit of those who had been evacuated from their homes for three days, only to drive four hours back again from Houston, arriving at 2 a.m. They were so excited to be with the author of the Divine Principle, our True Parents. This kind of understanding is spreading in the churches.

My brothers and sisters, it's only a matter of time before this nation turns its course to full understanding. Always the great revival movements of Christianity were faced with great persecution at the start, but somehow God s word would take root and finally begin to expand. Our roots are set now and expansion is now occurring in the churches. Eventually our numbers are going to expand exponentially as people feel the support of heaven to understand the calling of true families.

Father shocked everybody, saying that we should take down our church signs. There should be no different denominations. Why do we have Methodists, Presbyterians and Baptists? Should we take the signs down? Everyone shouted amen. It was a great revival spirit. Father is the greatest evangelist who ever lived. Many times Father smiles at Archbishop Stallings and makes faces, asking, are you happy that you made an exchange marriage? Do you believe what I'm teaching? Archbishop Stallings says, yes, Father. It's very clear. We are going beyond boundaries through exchange marriage and blessing.

Father said over and over again, everyone must go this way of blessing. We have to have confidence that we can change America. America can change rapidly if there were more people like me. What if there were 36,000 Rev Moon's in America? How fast could we change this nation? How about you clergy? You should become just like me and we can transform this state of Texas and the whole nation.

Father shared that he was moved by the spirit of the clergy there. Many distinguished Ambassadors for Peace, quite a number of white professors and other nonprofit leaders, as well as Hispanics and most importantly, the native Americans came out in big numbers. Rev. George Akeen, a Cheyenne chief and Christian pastor who went with us to Gaza, was introduced, and he stood up proudly because he had brought 100 people from the Cheyenne nation from Oklahoma, 100 beautiful Native Americans. Father related to all with such love that everyone was transformed. We must atone for he history of injustice to the Native Americans. We can't just say we are sorry, we must atone with substance and repent and forgive and heal.

Flowers were presented to congratulate True Parents by Mr. Mike Ghouse and his wife Najma, Mr. Ghouse is a businessman, founder of UNITY DAY USA (observed every 9/11) and he is National President of The American Muslim Forum; board member of UNA Dallas. The gifts were presented by Mr. Len Ellis , Director, The Peace and Justice Center - Arlington; board member Dallas Peace Center, board of M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

The event ended with a beautiful word from God by Imam Marzuq Jami who is from the Muslim American Society. He said, "The work of Father Moon is expanding and growing, it's a work of faith and a work that we as Muslims, Christians and Jews can and will continue to join and develop. This is the work of God. We are grateful to Father Moon. Marzuq was joined by his blessed wife, Sister Yancy who was a former member of NBC national News team and now is an independent journalist for CNN and other major media companies

Chief George Akeen is our True Brother, he spoke from his heart that all people are suffering in different ways. He is leading the Native American Indian people to overcome suffering and asked all to lend a hand and prayers of support. He said we are truly brothers and sisters and I deeply love and respect Father Moon in this work. The Native American peoples love him and feel trust for him.

We concluded with 30 people on the stage with Rev. Tessie and Ron Willis leading, "Peace, Shalom, Salaam Alaikam". Tessie sang with heart just the way she did when she went to Israel the day after her husband came back from being deployed to Iraq as a materials specialist and civilian employee of the U.S. Army. Tessie sang for 40 days in Israel and touched many Jews and Muslims alike. She sang with heart and then Father asked her to sing again the next morning at breakfast.

Dallas is the BIG "D" and the "D" stands for Divine, Destiny for the Deliverance of America. GO ON TEXAS. LET THAT LONE STAR SHINE.



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