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DC Report 12 City Tour

Michael Jenkins
September 27, 2005

Washington report:

Washington set the standard for the world. Rev. Kwak has asked that it be used as a model for the 100-city world tour. The event began with Rev. Levy Daugherty as MC and our Washington Family Church choir. The Wardman Park Marriott hotel was jammed beyond capacity. The seating capacity of 1600 was overflowing and with so many standing it seemed more like 2000.

Rev. Walter Fauntroy, former congressman from the District of Columbia and civil rights leader, testified that Father Moon is truly the real king of peace, because he is working in every hot spot in the world with love for all people, and making such enormous impact. Bishop C. Phillip Johnson, ACLC national executive committee member, gave a beautiful testimony of his insight into the power of the teaching of Father Moon, and helping us understand the true mission that God has given for each one of us. Bishop Johnson touched many hearts as he spoke from his own.

Rev. Jenkins as MC, announced the formation not only of the Universal Peace Federation but a new dimension of this effort, which was launched in Boston but again announced in Washington - the Universal Peace Force, where Rev. Moon was calling for 36,000 students and young people to combine with Ambassadors for Peace, religious leaders, and veterans, especially those of the 16 nations that fought in the Korean War, to become a peacekeeping force, or a peace police, or peace army. However, this army is an army of compassion, not an army with weapons but an army that, with the power and the backing of God and also the nations of the world, will go to the hot spots of the world to end violence and bring about peaceful resolution of conflict. The Universal Peace Federation will be composed of former and current heads of state, Muslim, Christian and Jewish young people, as well as all the faith traditions.

Also notable at this event was Father Moon announced that he wanted to support the Katrina victims and evacuees. This was an important demonstration not just of words but of deeds, as many of Father Moon's organizations, such as the IRFF and the ACLC, are working directly in Mississippi, Alabama, New Orleans, and Houston, Texas to give relief and support to the families that have suffered from hurricanes Katrina and also Rita.

The invocation was given by Rev. Dr. Arnold Howard, ACLC co-chairman of the Washington region, and pastor of the prestigious Enon Baptist Church of Baltimore, Maryland. Rev. Howard, knowing the Divine Principle (the teaching of Rev. Moon revealing the secrets of the Bible) , gave a profound and inspirational prayer that gave all who were present a feeling that truly this event was on time with God's providence and that we were a witness to history.

Father also has been emphasizing to Dr. Yang and I that we must do the holy wine ceremony at each event. Many times at lunch during the day of the event Father Moon checks to see, are you doing the holy wine tonight. Why? Because the holy juice (wine) is the process by which we as couples can be engrafted together to the Tree of Life. The holy wine ceremony is really the essence of the message that God's ideal family is the model for world peace. The most essential thing to bring pace is lineage linked to heaven. The way we link to heaven in this age is to receive the holy juice, share the cup as husband and wife, and be engrafted into the tree of life. A very prominent Baltimore Bishop, Rev. Clifford Bey, and his wife were the representative couple. He's had a very distinguished career working with various mayors of Baltimore and churches throughout the nation as well as the Congressional Black Caucus. Bishop and Mrs. Bey received the holy wine, rededicating their marriage, pledging never to divorce and never to be unfaithful. They shared with husband and wife holding hands.

A proclamation was given from Mayor Anthony Williams commending Father Moon for his work for peace and the spiritual enhancement that his work has brought to the communities throughout Washington. Letters of commendation came from governors of Virginia and Maryland and various state representatives of both states.

US Senator Larry Pressler, who served four years in Congress and 18 years in the US Senate, and was noted for being incorruptible, gave a strong and uplifting perspective on the peace work of the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon. In short, he said Rev. Moon is the most significant leader who is having the greatest impact for peace in the world. Sen. Pressler served with distinction in Congress representing South Dakota and is currently on the boards of many major corporations.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang was introduced by Rev. Jenkins who noted that it was Dr. Yang's inspiration and courage that led the Ambassadors for Peace and ACLC Clergy into the Gaza strip over 12 times, even when many said it couldn't be done and it shouldn't be done. Now, however, our work in Gaza is flourishing because we have followed the basic pattern of the Universal Peace Federation, which is to initiate the faith-based component of inter-religious dialogue and the process of restoring and renewing and reconciling nations one to another.

The Abrahamic faith leaders - Imam Pasha Salahuddin, Rabbi Waldman, and also Rev. Dr. Jesse Edwards - again were continuing to demonstrate that Father Moon's teaching is not simply a hope or an ideal, but it is bringing into reality the fact that we are all God's children and that the Abrahamic faiths can become one in spirit. Imam Salahuddin testified that Rev. Moon is the one that is fulfilling the message of the Koran. Rabbi Waldman led a very short Shabbat (Sabbath) prayer and service. Rev. Jesse Edwards lit up the audience with his beautiful heart of pulling the two brothers together, which is really the role of Christianity, centering on the love of Jesus, with love to bring everybody together as one. Rev. Edwards called upon Rabbi Waldman to stand close to him, testifying that just a few years ago he couldn't even imagine being near a rabbi, and even if he knew one, he wouldn't feel comfortable to speak to one. But now he has been working with Rabbis and Imams both in America and the Middle East and is now traveling with Rabbi Waldman. He shared that he has discovered that they both knew the same God. Rev. Edwards was moved that he could learn so much about God from the Rabbi. The Rabbi concurred that he could learn in turn from Rev. Edwards.

Then Rev. Edwards called upon Imam Salahuddin and said, here is my Muslim brother. I couldn't relate with him before, but since knowing the Rev. Moon, the walls are coming down and I see the reality of people of faith coming together to work with one purpose to build the Kingdom of God. Hallelujah.

At this point Chairman of the IIFWP International, Rev. Dr Chung Hwan Kwak, appointed numerous Ambassadors for Peace. This appointment means that they stand as representatives of various faiths, all affirming that there is one God of all mankind. They lift up the value of the blessing of marriage and family, calling for fidelity in marriage, and finally, that they will bring peace by tearing down the barriers and walls by living for the sake of others and by loving one's enemy they bring reconciliation. The number of Ambassadors for Peace is now approaching 64,000 worldwide, 6,000 in America.

Next the video, "Man of Peace," was shown. Each time it is shown there are always new dimensions that come out for these Abrahamic faith leaders as they are traveling with True Parents on this historic tour. It's such a deep education for them (and for all of us on the tour for that matter) to see that Father's lifelong course took him through so much suffering. Having been imprisoned in Korea, Japan and America, he overcame and through each step of suffering God was able to bring the righteous forward to support and to defend Father Moon's integrity as a righteous man who had done nothing wrong. His only crime? That he tried to bring all races together and end the division of religions.

Archbishop Stallings' introductions have laid the foundation in such a way that True Parents have been very, very pleased with his heart. As the founder of Imani Temple, he is an important Catholic leader who also received True Parents' blessing in marriage and now has two sons with his wife Sayomi. He also fulfilled the calling of Father Moon to go beyond race, to go beyond history and break down barriers by accomplishing what we call an exchange marriage. Bishop Stallings highlighted the fact that his wife is from Japan, while he's an American. This is truly the fulfillment of the marriage of representative of former enemies, and as Father Moon has predicted, such marriages are immensely blessed. Archbishop Stallings testified that he is a witness to the fact that he is a living witness to the blessing of going beyond the boundaries to build a true family.

He also testified very clearly that Rev Moon is the man prophesied in the Scriptures. The dignity of the audience brought by the effort led by Rev Hong was truly magnificent. Many distinguished guests from Washington, many ambassadors were there from different nations. Also the heart of those who have been associated with Father Moon over the years in peace work and interreligious work is being magnified as we go forward.

As Father went on the stage, the reception was overwhelming. Truly his 34 years of love and sacrifice for America has brought him to this place where finally people of all faiths and traditions, and many of the significant people of influence in our nation have come to realize the messenger and the message are sent from God. Father poured out his heart to Washington, speaking over 2.5 hours. He could not stop because he felt love for Washington. He felt love from the heart of the response of the people. He said, your success tonight (in bringing so many people) has made me feel successful in America. Father cautioned in his address that America is a most central nation to God's providence, and America must fulfill its mission before God. That's why he invested so much of his heart and energy and the work of his movement to reviving and strengthening America. He also made it clear that America's role in the Middle East is crucial. America must not pull out of the Middle East but must go forward until peace is achieved, with the emphasis on faith in God and respect for all people. It was a beautiful experience for all who were there. He also mentioned that though there was a huge protest against the war, that that was not the way to go, but rather we should be marching not against something but rather we should march for the positive thing that God wants. What does God want? He wants peace centered on one God in which all people of faith stop the killing and reconcile all people together as brothers and sisters. The most important component for Peace? Lineage. Only by being engrafted into God's lineage and becoming a True Person and building a True Family can we create the foundation for real peace. That is why the Holy Blessing of Marriage and the engrafting into the Tree of Life is the way for peace. What is next? Practicing True Love. How? Through the family we learn that the most essential essence of God is the parent child relationship. He shared that a mother's love is so great for her children that she will totally sacrifice for that child. He shared the example that in rural northern border of Korea with China where he was born there were no doctors and one of his siblings died from disease. His mother followed a local understanding of the women that you could tell if the child was sick by tasting the babies poo. Though this is unthinkable for a mother seeking to save here child's life, this is no problem. That is the parent child relationship.

The exiled King of Rwanda, King Kigali V, was appointed as an ambassador for peace. He said after the event, he finds real hope in Father's vision. He said he believes Father's teaching is the true hope for the continent of Africa and he is totally excited about the Universal Peace Federation and the prospects for peace that are coming at this time.

Dr. Katrin Michael is an Iraqi activist who suffered very much under Saddam Hussein's regime. Her main hope is to bring equality between men and women in Iraq. She feels that Father's teaching on the family brings new hope to the Islamic world.

The other newly appointed Ambassadors were Mrs. Cynthia Grenier, renowned author and journalist in the fields of international arts, culture and politics; Dr. Bertrand Phillips, Co-founder and co-chairman of the Africa United States Partnership Fund, and Ms. Judith Phillips, Co-founder and co-chair of the Africa United States Partnership Fund Mrs. Caroline Betancourt and Sen. Donzella James, state senator from Georgia, held up the Women's Middle East Peace Initiative document for signing and asked all who were gathered there to join in this historic effort to gather 1 million signatures (500,00 have been gathered so far). The delegates to this convocation were inspired to join this effort, which will be presented to the United Nations later this year. The WFWP is doing a great work to support peace in the Middle East.

The event closed with Rev. Kevin McCarthy, with love and warmth thanking everyone for all the sacrifices they made to bring such a great success. It was truly a great day in the history of Washington. Rev. Hong, Rev. Francis and all the Washington Pastors and community leaders, boards of elders are to be commended. You set the standard for the whole world.

Love and Victory,

Dr. Michael Jenkins

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