The Words of the Jenkins Family

Dallas Has Over 1000 - Denver Was Victorious - Father Spoke For 3 1/2 Hours

Michael Jenkins
September 28, 2005

Dear Family,

Father spoke for three and one half hours in Denver. He gave his heart and spoke very very deep contents about Jesus, about his ministry and how many many trials came to him on this path.

Victoriously crossing the Rocky Mountains is occurring now. We are at Hoon Dok Hae. Father's strength is tremendous but he and Mother are suffering. The day to day schedule is grueling. There is no rest.

At Hoon Dok Hae this morning Father announced that he woke up at 2 am.

He cannot sleep. He cannot rest. He feels so concerned and serious about the providence.

The tour is victorious. Please pray for Seattle, San Francisco and LA.

Thanks America.


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