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Denver Report - 12 City North American / 100 City World Tour

Michael Jenkins
September 29, 2005

Now Is God's Time
God's Ideal Family: The Model for World Peace
12 City North American Tour
100 City World Tour

Ambassador Sam Zachem was appointed by President George H.W. Bush to be the U.S. Ambassador to Bahrain. He served with distinction and now has been appointed (a couple of years ago) to the position of Ambassador for Peace. He supported our delegation's Middle East Peace Initiative and had significant impact in Amman, Jordan and the Knesset when he traveled with us to the Holy Land in May of this year. The Ambassador is a truly great America.

In preparation for the event he spent significant time sharing the Peace Mission of Rev. Moon with some of the most famous names in Colorado politics (Names everyone knows!!) He discussed at length and in great detail with each one of them they what they have heard has been limited and distorted. This man can bring peace!! The Ambassador understood that Rev. Moon was a very significant force for peace because of the clarity with which Rev. Moon fought atheistic communism. The Ambassador knew that most criticism came because of Rev. Moon's commitment to stop communism. He is an outstanding Christian of the Greek Orthodox tradition, he knew that this movement was a compliment to Christianity and helps Christians to unite beyond denomination. The Ambassador spoke with such confidence at the Press Conference in which he stated with great confidence, "Rev. Moon is the key peacemaker in the world."

The Ambassador is for me an indication of a very serious and ever expanding and significant breakthrough that is occurring in America. Distinguished white leaders are coming to understand Father Moon's mission and Ministry. Ambassador Zachem is sharing the same heart with Father Moon as is Archbishop Stallings. We are one family. It is very exciting and important that this occur. Its only a matter of time before Rev. Moon suddenly becomes popular in America. We know that the African American leaders have without question, taken the lead in overcoming prejudice and persecution to understand Rev. Moon. Their own suffering made them very suspicious of the quick to condemn" spirit that some Americans have given to Rev. Moon. Dr. Amos Brown of the prestigious 3rd Baptist Church in San Francisco says it so clearly in a recent interview some of which is captured in the video "Man of Peace".

"What happened to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has happened to Rev. Moon. Both were totally rejected and criticized by the mainstream. Yet with time they became understood and exalted as models of peace, freedom and love."

There were many white leaders in the Denver event and a beautiful mixture of all races. There was particularly strong support coming from the Native American Indian Family.

The invocation in Denver was offered by a very prestigious pastor, the Rev. John Thompson, of the Park Hill United Methodist Church and respected leader of the Interfaith movement of Colorado.

Batbayar Yanjiv and her husband Khurle Dorjpalam who are Mongolian community leaders received the Holy Juice and Blessing. (Mongolian husbands and wives have different names.) Rev. Jim and Meggan Smith of the Denver Family Church offered the prayer of blessing. Dr. Yang and Rev. Park appointed the following Ambassadors for Peace:

" Dr. Glenn Morris, Chairman of the Department of Political Science, University of Colorado at Denver. Co0 Director of the American Indian Movement of Colorado.

* The Rev. Dr. Frank Savid, Senior Pastor of Zion Baptist Church Denver.

* Mr. Ringeru Kambuti, President and founder of the Internal Peace Initiative, and NGO that supports Peace building programs in Kenya.

* Mr. Jack Flanner, President of the National Space Science and Technology institute in Colorado Springs.

Father shared very very deeply. He spoke for 3 hours and 30 minutes. It was an unforgettable moment in history. Was it easy for the people - no. But it may be the last time Father ever visits Denver. There is a feeling that he wants to give so much to each city on the tour as if he is going to give until he collapses. However, Father looks younger and stronger than even the 50 state tour. It is unreal. His skin tone is bright and tan looking, he looks better than he did 20 years ago.

Father speaks so deeply about the exchange marriage He often uses Bishop Stallings marriage as an example of marrying your enemy, marrying beyond race, religion, nationality and culture. He would say, "Are you happy now Archbishop?" (Yes!! Bishop Stallings would respond, I love my wife and I have two beautiful children.)

Father spoke deeply in the Denver message about Jesus. He revealed that Jesus was profoundly lonely and totally misunderstood. He shared that God wanted Jesus to be received. He wanted Jesus to bring the True Family and build the Kingdom of God. Unfortunately, because of ignorance he had to go the way of the cross. Jesus overcame the burden of the cross and brought victory but the cross is not a joyful thing for God. God cannot feel joy from the cross. There for the cross must come down. Father said, "I asked Bishop Stallings to take the cross down in his church and he did it !! He was persecuted for it but one day he'll be honored for it. Why? Because whether you like it or not or whether it is popular or not the truth has now been revealed and affirmed in heaven. The cross is not the correct symbol for Jesus." Also he went on to say that we should take down the signs of our churches. That's why I did this. I ended the Unification Church and expanded it to the Family Federation. Why do we need different denominations. Yes they had their roles, however the era in history is now leading toward unity and cooperation. Not only among Christians but among all believers of all religions.

That's why the Abrahamic Faith leaders coming together is a sign that a new era has dawned. The walls are down in the spirit world, however we have to reach out beyond the barriers on the earth to substantiate and confirm for ourselves and all people that there is nothing there anymore blocking us from coming together. The walls are down in heaven. Its time to bring the walls down on the earth. We have the power now to become one family of God. There is nothing to stop us now. Father has set the conditions that have opened up all the spirit world so that they can come together. How was this done. Through True Love. Loving all religions and loving the enemy. This is the core Principle that tears down the walls.

Denver was blessed. I felt like I was at the sermon on the mount. It was relaxed and it flowed so smoothly. It was such a special spirit. It was one of the most historic moments in Father's history of speaking tours. Father was very warm and Fatherly. He didn't want to stop. He just kept giving deeper and deeper contents. To receive the depth of the content the people had to make a sacrifice and let go of concern for time. This is never easy. However, I clearly felt that Father was not just speaking to the 1000 gathered in Denver. He was speaking to history and to eternity. The contents of this message will be far far reaching.

Two distinguished Ambassadors for Peace, Ambassador Sam Zachem (former U.S. Ambassador to Bahrain) and Ms. Lily Shen, Chair Asian Roundtable of Colorado presented flowers. The gift presentation was given by representing the support and love from the Native American community and their work together through the Native American Leadership Alliance. (NALA) Native American Ms. Spider and Rev. Linda Cornier represented the Native Americans with Clayton Two Bears and his wife in support. They presented a miniature White Buffalo" which to the Native Americas is a symbol of the coming of the one who is to bring all people together as the Messiah.

Rev. Michael Shelton Sr. Pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Albuquerque gave a most beautiful closing prayer. He prayed with power for True Parents and the mission for peace and then concluded the prayer in his own name as an Owner of Cheon Il Guk.

The offering was received with joy by Heaven. True Parents were very happy in Denver.

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