The Words of the Jenkins Family

Seattle Made True Parents Very Happy

Michael Jenkins
September 30, 2005

Dear Family,

The Seattle Family led by Rev. Hun Suk Lee, Rev. Anglin and Rev. Wiesinger were challenged to fulfill the providence. They could not find a place for True Parents event because of a large convention in the Seattle area. Finally, in a little over one week before the event they signed on the Bel Harbour Convention Center. However, these challenges and circumstances provide the opportunity to bring an even greater victory and that's what Seattle did.

The event was overflowing and pleased True Parents. It was an event in which the sacrifices made created the right heart for the offering.

True Parents were intoxicated at Hoon Dok Hae.

SAN FRANCISCO - 2000 gathered spilling over by the hundreds into the overflow room.. Rev. Kim and Rev. Thompson put their necks on the line and did the largest event in the history of SF in relation to True Parents. It was at the most beautiful Hilton San Francisco. Father is very very encouraged and uplifted by the success and the depth of support and understanding from key American leaders.

More to come...



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