The Words of the Jenkins Family

100 City World Tour - Overwhelming Support In Seoul And Fukuoka

Michael Jenkins
October 4, 2005

Dear Family,

I just heard from Dr. Yang. Father spoke in Seoul and Mother in Fukuoka. Both the Fatherland and Motherland offered unprecedented support for the Universal Peace Federation and our True Parents' role as the King and Queen of Peace.

Please continue our prayer condition.

Father is stronger than ever.

Pray for Mother's strength!!

God is working to bring down all walls and boundaries and establish the Peace Kingdom for all religions, races, nations and cultures.

Please pray strongly.


P.S. North American prayer condition revised for the world tour attached.

National Prayer Condition

7 Minutes Every Day

September 16 - December 31 (or until the end of the World Tour)

1.) Protection and Blessing of True Parents and True Family. Gratitude for True Parents' grace, love, heart, and total investment for all of us and all humanity as they undertake this momentous world speaking tour.

2.) Safety, protection, physical health, and spiritual and physical stamina to accomplish this sacred mission.

3.) Unity of all leaders, members, Religious leaders and Ambassadors for Peace centering on True Parents. That the OT Prophets, Jesus, Muhammad and all the saints totally mobilize their foundations on earth to support this dispensation.

4.) That the Fatherland, Motherland and all nations of the World receive True Parents, their message and support the founding of the Universal Peace Federation. That there is an overwhelming response in every city of the World. That all events be overflowing. That the most influential leaders attend. That America rises up to fulfill the Elder Son's Role to support the World Movement.

5) That all nations of the world welcome True Parents.

6) That through this tour the Era After the Coming of Heaven will be substantiated by the end of all Wars. The end of all bloodshed.

7) That Religious leaders and Ambassadors for Peace rise up to inherit the mission of True Parents and fulfill their responsibility to expand the Peace Kingdom.

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