The Words of the Jenkins Family

To All With Jewish Ancestry

Michael Jenkins
October 15, 2005

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Jewish Ancestry and Heritage,

There is a profound moment in history occurring right now. True Father will visit the Holy Land. We want to reach out to our Jewish family there. As you know the first, second, third and forth Israel's are all one internally. We will join Father's visit in the Holy Land in late November and we will also join the World Tour event in Amman, Jordan for his World Tour there.(Specific details will be forwarded to you upon sign up.)

The condition for this moment in history was set through the Jerusalem Declaration and the Coronation of Jesus. This brought about the "spirit" of reconciliation of the Jewish family with their son. This had profound meaning in history but most essentially it means that we can all together make a new beginning for Peace and the Peace Kingdom. God's heart for the chosen people never changed, he longed for them throughout history. Now the doors are open and the conditions for restoration have been completed. Now these "conditions" need to be turned into real friendships and lasting relationships. Its time now to embrace our Jewish family with love and respect. It will also be a time to contribute to the unity of the Jewish and Muslim families. All of our Ambassadors for Peace throughout the Holy Land are very very excited. They cannot imagine that Father would actually be coming to the Holy Land.

Dr. Yang and I request that every member with Jewish Heritage go to Jerusalem. This week we began a 40 day condition to prepare for the Middle East victory.

Now is God's Time!!!!

You can go for any amount of time, 30 days or more, 20 days, 10 days, however we ask that to be effective you go for at least 7 days. Less than that will be hard to be effective. We will be going to every Jewish community in Israel with Love and Respect. Calling our family to come together.

Many prominent Jewish leaders understand that the Universal Peace Federation is a Abel UN and a Peace Movement that lifts up God and respects all faiths. So ones religion is only enhanced through association with the Universal Peace Federation.

Flights are being secured on the Internet at $600 - $800 per person this week. Please don't wait.

ACCOMODATIONS AND LODGING: Here are the rates that IIFWP in Israel is offering:

$20 / person (in our IIFWP center or someone's home). Meals included.

$35 / day - Hotel stay, double occupancy and two buffet meals each day (This amounts to $245 / WEEK Meals and Accommodations in a hotel.)

Expense money: At least $100 per week (to get around).

REGISTRATION: (Registration form and information sheet attached)

Please register with

Also please copy Mr. Hod Ben Zvi our Secretary General of IIFWP for Israel.

Let's go across the Jordan river into the land of Milk and Honey !!! God's heart is pouring out for his bride and longing for all the people of faith to become one centering on True Love.

Let us love our elder brothers and sisters of the first Israel.


Dr. Michael Jenkins




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