The Words of the Jenkins Family

To Jewish Church Members

Michael Jenkins
October 22, 2005

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Jewish Ancestry and Heritage,

Mr. Hod Ben Zvi our IIFWP Secretary General for Israel is sincerely asking all members of Jewish Heritage (even if its way back in the ancestry) to come to Jerusalem to help for the World Speaking Tour.

You are needed. If you can't go please sponsor someone to go. Many are signing up. Please, please hear the call. Don't hesitate. Your ancestors will rejoice. The blessing is now been secured and the pain and wounds of history can be healed. However this "blessing" must be extended to the people substantially by those who can look them in the eyes and tell them with faith, that the time of the fulfillment of the scripture is at hand. This is the time when Isaiah prophesied would one day come.

Please understand, this is not a request to join the Pilgrimage from November 15 to 22nd. What Hod is calling for is brothers and sisters with heart that can, together with their ancestors, embrace their Jewish brothers and sisters with a love and confidence that is transforming. That is what happened to the Ambassadors for Peace in Israel. They felt a confirming love from people who know the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who have seen the promised land of peace, milk and honey. That is the Jewish Blessed Couple.

Please respond to the call.

Just sign up. Let's sponsor others. Let's get our the best of our Jewish family to Jerusalem. Hod will make a special tour for you of all Jewish historic sights. It is like returning to your ancestral home. Let us make this a special effort to bring return to our ancestral roots and deeply inspire God and all of heaven. Jewish Blessed Couples please go with a mind and heart of prayer. Go to the Jewish Holy sites with Hod our brother and rekindle the deep spiritual roots that has sustained you since the time of Moses. This is God's Time.

The application form is attached. Please communicate with and Hod directly at Registration forms are available on our website.

This is a very special moment in history.


Dr. Michael Jenkins
Co-Chairman of IIFWP USA

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