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True Parent's World Tour - Report on Warsaw, Poland

Michael Jenkins
October 24, 2005
Warsaw, Poland

UPF-Poland, Inaugural Convocation

During the Cold War, Poland, socially, culturally, politically and aesthetically was a drab place. Today, less secularized than other European nations, it is a thriving dynamic nation of 40 million people [24th worldwide for GDP] and a close ally of the USA (support for President Bush is strong, including support of Iraq war effort). Investment in the country from other nations seems solid and the largest skyscraper in Warsaw is the Daewoo building.

We have had a number of successful events in Poland in the last decade. Universal Peace Federation Chairman Rev. Kwak visited Poland in early 1990™s with Dr. Anderson for a PWPA meeting, and also met former President Lech Walesa. RYS had an international meeting outside Krakow in summer of 1994, and in November 1995 Rev. & Mrs. Moon visited.

The event here in Poland was a great start for the European Region. It combined German technology with Polish heart. That is, Germany had been matched with Poland to help in the preparation. Each European nation that is not on the tour is assigned to support one of the nations of the tour.

The preparation of the main hall was perfect, and program very well organized. Two classical singers performed at the outset. The video prepared by Kevin Pickard and the Voices of Peace team always has a magic that prepares the way for Father. Rev. Kwak's remarks are brief but direct and powerful. Prior to the main event there was a reception for Polish Ambassadors for Peace; 45 attended and met with Rev. Kwak.

Dr. Moon presented his speech with the full range of his strengths, charm, humor, charisma, absolute conviction, God-centeredness, parental heartedness and uncompromising commitment to truth and principle. He frequently moved from the prepared speech to broader elaboration of key points, Westerners do not have an adequate appreciation for lineage. Repeat after me, exchange marriage, he said, If you Polish people are ready to join the peace force initiative, raise your hands! All in all there was substantial give and take between speaker and audience, evidence of a great rapport, great receptivity.

A few European Ambassadors for Peace also offered congratulatory remarks, including Imam Sajid from the United Kingdom, a Mormon Bishop and a 7th Day Adventist Pastor, a welcome sign of widespread religious support. Several of the speakers expressed sadness and indignation at the unjust exclusion of Father and Mother Moon from some nations in Europe.

The European movement seems full of life and determination to make the tour a great success, and the foundation for further growth, development and expansion. It was great to see the enthusiastic, beautiful teamwork among the leaders of Poland and Germany. The old enmities have been put far behind, and a new Europe is on the rise.

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