The Words of the Jenkins Family

Please Help Those Who Will Go To Israel

Michael Jenkins
November 04, 2005

Dear Family,

The next trip to the Holy Land is leaving on November 14th from cities throughout America. We will pray together and Gethsemane and the Western wall and join with Muslims, Christians and Jews to heal the historic divisions of God's people.

This healing process requires America's support and participation. We ask all families to join this historic Pilgrimage by going from November 14 - 23rd. It will be a most significant journey.

Attached is our invitation and registration form. True Parents have requested that Dr. Yang and I continuously take responsibility by having America continuously embrace the Holy Land and continue to bring the historic victories necessary to fulfill America's responsibility as the Elder Son Nation. Let us continue to restore the conditions that will allow the first Israel to be blessed by God and for the reconciliation of Ishmael and Isaac through Muslim, Jewish and Christian dialogue and understanding. This is the key to healing the Middle East and ending the conflict and bloodshed there.

There is no better time than now to go to the Holy Land.

We ask that every Blessed Family either send one representative from your family on the Middle East Peace Initiative Journey and / or donate to help sponsor additional Religious Leaders, Ambassadors for Peace and Native American Leaders.

Sign Up immediately by contacting your regional headquarters or by emailing your registration to Many are getting flights for under $700 (with one stop in Europe). Invitation Letter for Ambassadors for Peace, Draft Schedule and Registration form are included. The registration for the conference and tours is $675 per person double occupancy which will cover all meals and accommodations.

Let us pray together to fulfill God's will for the Middle East and for the World.



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