The Words of the Jenkins Family

Father's Direction - Source Of Incredible Fortune

Michael Jenkins
November 4, 2005

Dear Family,

Father recently asked that Dr. Yang and I travel to the Korean Communities of America to testify to the fruits of Father's work in America, the Middle East and North and South Korea.

I am truly amazed. Many times when Father gives a direction we don't understand the value or what God has prepared. The Korean Communities in America are very developed and influential. They are well developed economically, academically and understand the importance of political involvement to bring about change.

This is exactly what I saw in the various cities we have gone to. It has been a joy and an inspiration. Also, to see the impact of our testimonies as to Father's influence and work with Ambassadors for Peace/ AFC , ACLC, Women's Federation is mind boggling to them. Dr. Yang's presentation goes into great detail concerning Father's life, the early church movement in Korea, Hung Nam, Blessing, and the fascinating development of our work in America with Father's 50 state tour, blessings and work in educating Congressmen and Senators as well as the continuous efforts and mainstreaming that is occurring in America through the AFC work with Ambassadors for Peace as people understand Father better and better.

Also included in the presentations are fascinating testimonials of Father's history of loving his enemy and how he ventured into North Korea and met and embraced Kim Il Sung. Also detailed developments of Father's influence there and in the south. Also of great interest is the work in the Middle East. When taken as a whole you can see Father's fundamental theme of faith in God and consistent principle of loving ones enemies applied to the faiths of the Middle East. When the Korean community leaders also see that Father has created a cultural change by marrying over 6000 Korean/ Japanese couples the "love your enemy" theme is not talk. It is real.

The quality and the importance of these people can never be underestimated. That's why behind every direction that Father gives is the preparation of Heaven. We often evaluate the efficacy of Father's direction based on our own limited knowledge, understanding and insight. However, we come to realize that our understanding cannot possibly know clearly what God has prepared or the timing that heaven has chosen. That is why we should always follow his direction knowing, at least in faith, that incredible fortune awaits for us.

In New York, the heads of the Korean Association were present, many key business people and politically involved Korean dignitaries. In Washington I met a Korean gentleman named Link White. His story was very sad. He didn't speak much Korean but feels Korean in his heart. He wanted to come to the event because he had heard of Rev. Moon and was fascinated that Dr. Yang and my picture were on the advertisements. He is a close friend of the former U.S. Ambassador to Korea. He was deeply moved by the program. Especially that Father is embracing the North Korean people. He came from North Korea as a refuge as a child. He got separated from his family and came with the refugees south. His parents are still alive in North Korea. He was adopted by a U.S. Soldier who raised him as "Link White". He is a fine American but deeply motivated to save his family in North Korea.

He is just one example of God's preparation. More will follow.



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