The Words of the Jenkins Family

Please Sponsor Native Americans For Israel And Nala Projects

Michael Jenkins
November 5, 2005

Dear Family,

Once again an overwhelming response to go to Israel is coming from the Native American leaders. When they went to Jerusalem last time the Mayor of Jerusalem through open his doors for their coming. They touch peoples hearts - especially the Jewish people and the Palestinian people. They touch the hearts of people who suffer.

We need to sponsor Native American leaders to go to the Holy Land. We have 10 now ready. Please make you pledge for this historic effort.

Also attached is a letter from the new organization called NALA, the Native American Leadership Alliance. It is signed by Gayokla Nichi a native American and Mr. John Dixon. Father's inspiration in a meeting with Native Americans set this in motion. Dr. Yang called for it to come into an organizational effort.

NALA was founded. Now they are carving another healing pole and need your support to eventually bring it to Israel and Palestine. They brought one this year to the Pentagon and was very well received.

NALA's letter also asks your support for the sponsorship for Israel.

Please email or send your check to HSA UWC 4 W. 43rd St. NY, NY 10036 MAKE ON THE NOTATION FOR NALA SPONSORSHIP OR NALA HEALING POLE.

Also attached with the NALA letter is their report on events.

Let us heal the wounds in the history of all people, particularly the Native Americans so that the Elder Son may shine.



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