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Korean Community Tour - Continued

Michael Jenkins
November 5, 2005

Dear Family,

As mentioned before, in Father's direction there is always fortune to be found. Father's direction to go and testify to the 2 million Korean residents in America has shown that there is so many important and influential Korean people in America that are ready to understand our work. Each city on the 12 city tour has been very fascinating in terms of the people that God prepared from the Korean community who are coming to hear an in depth presentation from Dr. Yang on the history and work of True Parents. People are being transformed.

In Chicago, one Korean Association President was very positive, it turns out that his wife's Father grew up with Father in Father's hometown!!! Another VIP in Dallas testified that his own Father knew Father in North Korea. Many prominent Christian clergy are coming to hear about True Parents - the very ones who vigorously opposed us are now becoming receptive !!

One of our key elder leader's mother is a very prestigious scholar and professor. The whole family met True Parents in the early days, however the son joined and became a very important leader in our movement. His mother got her Ph.D. at a top university in America. She is a very well know scholar to the Korean people. Yet all these years she was not positive or supportive of our movement, in fact she was analytical and skeptical as to its validity and worth. She had a very deep experience through the program that night, especially when she saw the vast development of True Parent's foundation in America with all races, and with religious leaders, she became very inspired that night and invited our members to her home. She was moved by Father's work with for Peace in the Middle East and with North Korea. The walls are coming down. That leader called Dr. Yang the next morning and was very happy that his mother came closer. It has been decades with no break through until this tour. How wonderful it is when we follow Father's direction. "Know them by their fruits" Jesus said. We should never underestimate the power of testifying to True Parent's heart, love and especially the fruits of the movement.

Can you imagine? How seriously Father was identified as the Number One enemy of North Korea and Communism. But, Father's heart is never against people and with that heart he went to the North to "liberate" the people from their suffering. With love and heart he went to "liberate" Kim Il Sung and save his family. It was the real life story of Jacob and Esau. Kim Jong Il felt that sincerity which again was confirmed when Father asked Dr. Bo Hi Pak to represent him at the funeral of Kim Il Sung. Dr. Pak was the only South Korean at the funeral. This moved the heart of his son and there has been a warm feeling ever since.

Many of the Korean representatives are also deeply moved to see some of the Clergy and Ambassadors for Peace standing with us as we travel. In Atlanta they met Senator Donzella James, in Chicago they met Bishop Stallings and Rev. Edwards. In LA they will meet Imam Bundakji, they are amazed that Father can touch all people and they have joined the movement. Who ever they can't meet in person they meet through Dr. Yang's incredible comprehensive presentation. It shows the vast diversity of people in America, the Middle East and Korea who accept our True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace.

Dr. Yang asked me to testify about the change that occurred in my own family as I married the daughter of America's World War II enemy - Japan. I didn't realize that our testimonies as blessed couples are now becoming the powerful teaching material and the evidence of True Parents work in reality. My Father fought against Japan in WWII. He was on a PT boat in the Philippines.

My Father always liked Koreans and talked about what great allies they are to America and great fighters they were in the Korean War. He also talked many times in very negative ways when I was growing up about Japan. They are the enemy. Not only in WWII but my Father was an automotive manufacturing executive that saw Japan as the industrial enemy that was stealing America's business away. I didn't think that much about it as I was growing up. I didn't think it was that deep - until I got blessed.

But then when I told him that I was engaged to be married. (I called my parents from the pay phone outside the New Yorker one hour after our matching in 1979). To my surprise he was so happy - he always was concerned about whether I would have a family. Then he heard her name - Reiko Sakata. He said, Sakata ?? Sakata ?? Sakata ?? - That's Japanese. All hell broke lose. It was as traumatic as the day I left everything and joined the movement. My wife suffered a lot. She was not welcomed, but as we had children and over the years they saw how faithful she was to me and what a good mother she was things began to change.

Actually, the real change came in relationship to the grandchildren. They couldn't hate the grandchildren. Some have their names as middle names !! Two incidents came to mind that I remember changed my parents. One holiday when we were all there my Father was being nasty to my wife and just critical, then Jessica who was around four or five was sitting on his lap and she looked him in the eyes and said, "You Big Bully - I'm not talking to you any more !!" It got him, right thru the heart. Change came through the children - through the lineage.

Another incident occurred that changed him. He shared with us how it was as an orphan. He was put in an orphanage when he was around 5 years old during the depression - it was not uncommon because of the desperate poverty that hit. Some relatives came and visited him at the orphanage and then gave him a wonderful toy horn. He was so excited!! The moment they left the head of the orphanage took the horn and he never saw it again. Our children heard that story. The next year at Christmas time they went out and bought him a toy horn. They gave it to him and he cried. He keeps it to this day by his fireplace. He recently said to me, you have such a wonderful wife. You were lucky to have a wife from Japan!!! This is real. Enemies are being healed.

The Korean people are people of heart more than anything else. They are people of heart - when they hear these testimonies they are amazed at what Father is doing. Dr. Yang also shows how Father blessed many Koreans with Japanese and Filipino sisters and how much of a storm came in Korea, Japan and the Philippines over it. But now the Filipino sisters are becoming wonderful members of ours and other churches in Korea. They are making wonderful families and the heart of Korean people are seeing that this is necessary to allow the great family tradition of Korea to extend to the world. The Japanese wives are bringing the same change to Korea. Korean people are people of the heart. If you sincerely love and serve them they know it.

I can really see they savor this tour and meeting. They love each minute of it. Many are struggling deeply about their children being influenced and not even thinking about family. Many younger families in Korea and throughout the Korean communities in America are becoming wealthy, educated and modernized and divorce is running rampant. The birth rate in Korea is the lowest in the world because women don't want to be burdened with Children !!! The Christian churches have not been able to meet this crisis. What incredible fresh air they breathe and hope they feel when they here the clear and Biblically based teaching and practice of True Parents on the Family. What fresh air we can breathe through the Way of the True Family.

In Chicago the Regional Chair of the Advisory Council on Democratic and Peaceful Unification was very deeply inspired by the foundation that we have in America and he testified that he was stunned by the foundation that Father has in working with North and South Korea Unification. Many raise their hands when Dr. Yang asks if they were born in North Korea. Many escaped as refugees and long to go back to their homes. Many want to be buried there. Many, about 25 % of the South Korean population have relatives and even brothers, sisters and parents in North Korea. It is such a matter of the heart. How sad it is to be separated from your family and not able to see them, no matter how much you cry, pray or scream out. How sad it is that so many died in the war and even recently over one million (perhaps several million) died in the last 5 years from starvation.

The pro North Korean residents in Japan blame South Korea and America for this. We know that is not the real reason or cause. However, that is their understanding and heart. That's why the Korean residents in Japan are divided in half. Half pro North Korean, half pro South Korean. They hate each other. However Father has been educating both groups and last summer 2000 of each came to Korea and did a sisterhood ceremony. The leader of the pro North Korean Korean residents in Japan stood up and testified. Only Rev. Moon knows our heart and suffering. Only Rev. Moon could bring us together with our brothers and sisters from the south and now we have hope to end the suffering in the North.

Father has been educating with the Principle and serving with a heart of True Love. Giving and forgetting.

Most may not know but President Kim Jong Il sends True Parents very very beautiful and extremely meaningful gifts each year for their birthday.

Heart to Heart. Many can fight against the evils that their enemies bring forth but few in God's dispensation could go back into the enemy camp and love their enemies with the heart to save them and their children and welcome them to the banquet table of the Lord.

This is what we are doing in Gaza, Ramallah, Jerusalem and throughout the Middle East. It is hard to understand. Father was severely criticized for embracing Kim Il Sung. How could he do such a thing with such a known historic dictator and central figure of the most intensely developed and ruthlessly evil system of communism on the earth. Why could he do it ? Because his identity is that of Jacob and he comes risking his life to love his enemy.

Therefore with that mind Father could send Christians to the Jewish people in Israel, with a heart of repentance and bowing down to them praying that their brother will embrace them and reconcile, joining them in tearful repentance. That is why he sends us to Gaza with love to embrace and love our Muslim family. That is why he sends Muslim Unificationists now into hostile Christian camps in Africa with a heart of love and an attitude to liberate and win our brothers. With love, not with bloodshed.

Its hard to understand but once you experience it you gain confidence that you can walk into any enemy camp and bring healing and understanding. Because you go there giving up your life and bringing love. You may die in the process but Father has continually died throughout his life trusting that if God wants him to live he will live. If we seek to lose our life we will gain it.

Isn't that what Father is doing on the World Tour. Many countries that Father is visiting are unstable and in turmoil and yet Father goes with Mother risking their lives and all they have bringing nothing but love and a heart to edify, strengthen and bless all brothers and sisters from all camps. God goes with them.

That is the spirit of what is happening now in North Korea. North Korea is responding to Father. They trust him. The former cabinet minister of Unification of South Korea testified that Rev. Moon is the only one who can peacefully engage the North. He is the only one. This minister knows. He worked with every government and corporate entity that tried to deal with North Korea. None were trusted. Only one is trusted - It is Rev. Moon.

This spirit just touched Ireland last night on the World Tour. I am in England now. We just met True Parents as they came to England. They are victoriously now welcomed again in England !!! The walls have come down. Its been almost three decades since Father came to England.

Father comes to Great Britain after pouring out his love in Ireland. Dr. Walsh reported that he spoke almost 5 hours last night to give Ireland True Love. He then spoke almost four hours this morning again pouring our his heart in every camp of every brother in the world.

Let us follow and trust with all of our hearts. This is the time of the Peace Kingdom.

Glory to God, Glory to the True Parents of Heaven and Earth.

Prov:3: 5 - 6 - Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

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