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November 5, 2005


Newsletter November 2005


On Sunday November 6, 2005 Diesa Seidel, IPSF and RYS staff member will be running the 26 plus miles in the New York Marathon.

Diesa has been soliciting support for her "Run for Peace" as a way to promote the work of the Religious Youth Service.

We wish her strength, speed and stamina from the source of strength, speed and stamina!

If you would like to send her encouragement and well wishes please email her at:

The following is an article that appears in the Freeman a newspaper in Kingston , New York .

By Eric Houghtaling Freeman staff KINGSTON ó On Nov. 6, former Red Hook resident Diesa Seidel will get to check off an item on her lifeís "to do" list when she competes in the New York City Marathon.

Seidel, a two-time Freeman girls basketball Player of the Year for the Raiders and a standout player during her four years at Marist College, has turned her attention to running and is preparing to tackle one of the biggest tasks of a runnerís career.

Her participation in the 26.2-mile race will also benefit Religious Youth Service (RYS), an inter-religious and international service project organization. " Running a marathon was something Iíve always wanted to do in my life," she said. "I decided to get into the New York City Marathon and when I got accepted, I figured that I might as well run for a cause. The marathon is a one-time deal for me."

Seidel got a four-year athletic scholarship to play for the Red Foxesí womení s basketball team after graduating from Red Hook and made the most of her experience. She was an Academic All-American numerous times and is the collegeís all-time leader in blocked shots in a single game. She also broke the 1,000-point barrier and in 2002 was selected as the Marist Sports Person of the Year.

After graduating from Marist with a degree in psychology, Seidel went to France and played professionally for Tarbes in the National Pro A Euroleague and a second year for Viterbo in the Italian League. "It was a great experience for me and Tarbes went all the way to the championship game and we got the silver medal," she said. "In Italy, I got a lot more playing time, but the team wasnít as strong. I enjoyed both." Seidel, 25, returned to the United States and settled in Lake Hiawatha, N.J. where she teaches physical education to children in kindergarten through eighth-grade at St. Virgilís School in Morris Plains. She is also pursuing her Masterís degree. "I really love what Iím doing and working with the kids is great," she said.

Her connection with RYS began two years ago when her parents, Dietrich and Elisabeth, suggested she get involved. The organization looks to establish a foundation for world peace by creating a model of cooperation by breaking down cultural barriers. Since 1986, RYS has completed 140 service projects in 45 countries. "I went to Trinidad and Tobago in 2003 and to Guyana last summer," she said. "RYS teams up with other organizations already in those countries and do whatever is needed. "We did things like help clean up the environment, built an extension on a school and in Guyana we worked with Habitat for Humanity."

Seidel is requesting monetary donations for her marathon run to help RYS continue its work. For a $20 tax-deductible donation, a contributor also receives a Run for Peace t-shirt stating, "I Supported Run for Peace-NYC Marathon 2005" and on the back, "Peacemakers Wanted." "Iíve found itís easier to reach out when people see what RYS is all about," she said. "Co-workers at school have been very supportive, my family and friends are helping out, so Iím inspired to do my best." Never one to shy away from a challenge, Seidel has been undaunted in her training for the big race after being accepted to run this past July. "I ran track and cross country in high school and stayed in good shape in college," she said. "Itís time to dedicate myself to another discipline. I always knew there was a little runner in me."

After returning from an RYS-related activity in South Korea, Seidel stepped up her running regimen this past August. She has been slowly building her mileage and getting out on the roads each day. "Last week I ran a total of 53 miles and got my 20-mile run in on Sunday," she said. "I felt really good after I finished and my goal is to break four hours. I ran about 3:04 for the 20 miles, so Iím right on track." Ever the athlete, Seidel has been auditioning different energy foods to take on her run and isnít planning any special pre-race routines. "Iíll be at the starting line and ready to go with my family and friends cheering me on," she said. "Iím taking along honey packs and power gels to keep me going, but I know what will keep me focused is the faces of the people I met with RYS."

To make a donation to Seidelís Run for Peace, contact her via e-mail.

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