The Words of the Jenkins Family

Passing Of George Detlefsen

Michael Jenkins
November 22, 2005

Dear Family,

Dr. George Detlefsen has made the transition to the next world. Our prayers and support go out for him and his beautiful blessed family. Below is a special note from Rev. Kevin Thompson.


From Rev. Thompson:

Our dear brother, Dr. George Detlefsen passed to the spiritual world a 6:25 pm local time Sunday, November 20, in California, after a long struggle with a highly debilitating neural disease.

Although both he and his family went through significant suffering, George ended his life victoriously. In his final days he was able to achieve miraculous moments of lucidity through which he achieved closure with his family. Please keep George and his family in your prayers. George is survived by his wife Pat Detlefsen, and their sons Nathaniel, 16 and Shinghi, 15, as well as his son Augie from a previous marriage.

A Seung Hwa ceremony will be held Friday, Nov. 25, at the Bay Area Family Church. A Won Jeon ceremony will be held sometime this weekend at Fort Lincoln Cemetery, Brentwood, MD.

"Dr. George" joined our movement in Berkeley in 1976, having just been appointed as a professor of computer science at UC Berkeley. He had been a pioneer in the development of computer timesharing, and had been a research scientist with General Electric. George was brilliant, but never condescending. He was easy to talk to, always happy to teach and mentor, and always willing to do the hardest job. George headed up the construction team at Camp K. When the Oakland fires threatened the Durst's home in Berkeley, Dr. George rigged up a pump and hose and stood guard to protect it.

In his professional career, George achieved significant accomplishments. Working with Technicron Corp., George headed up a team responsible for automating several factories for General Motors. Later, he worked with WRIST, and then Interlienear developing paperless solutions for government and industry. One of the projects he headed up was to create digitalized copies of the millions of engineering documents related to the Hubel Space Telescope. Later, he became a senior consultant for Price Waterhouse Coopers, where he headed up the IT operations associated with the privatization of US military bases.

Prior to his illness, George had hoped to begin work on the development of a new type of optical scanner that would represent a dramatic improvement in the technology of scanning and searching text documents.

Dr. George and Pat are setting up the George Detlefsen Memorial Fund in support of The World Peace King Bridge-Tunnel. Donations should be made payable to: HSA UWC And noted for the George Detlefsen Memorial Fund. Funds should be mailed to: HSA Financial Office4 West 43rd StreetNew York, NY 10036 All donations will be tax deductable. For more information, please contact:

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