The Words of the Jenkins Family

The Blessing In Korea

Michael Jenkins
November 27, 2005

Dear Leaders,

Thanks for your incredible support. True Parents World Tour should be our daily prayer and concern. It has not been easy for True Parents. Please be serious. It is an enormous sacrifice.

Dr. Yang has been discussing with the Regional directors about the upcoming matching of Second Generation and the Blessing of Second Gen. matched by Parents and also perhaps First Gen. candidates.

Dr. Yang asked me to hold on the formal memo until tonight. We are checking the final information.

The basics are this:

True Parents will conduct a special blessing to commemorate the World Victory of the founding of the UPF thought the 100 city World Tour.

Father will match qualified Second Generation three times before December 28th.

(By Picture) and perhaps directly in Korea on the third time.

Father gave very high goals. 2500 Matching candidates for Europe, 1000 for America.

The date will be December 28th in Korea. (Memo tonight will clarify)

Second Gen. already matched may participate.

Possibility of First Generation matched and or approved by Regional Directors.

Arrivals in Korea: WILL BE CLARIFIED.




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