The Words of the Jenkins Family

TP welcome in Australia

Michael Jenkins
November 29, 2005

Dear Family,

Another wall has come down and True Parents have been given their visa for Australia. The Aussies have now firmly and historically demonstrated their support for the Peace of all Humanity.

This is very significant. All the walls and barriers have been dissolved through True Parents World Tour as the King and Queen of Peace bringing True Love, True Life and True Lineage.

Congratulations Rev. Yong, Rev Enrique Ledesmaa, Rev Rick McInerheney and all the Oceania Region !!!

With Gratitude,


Dear Family,

We have just received the great news that TP & Wonju s and Dr. and Mrs. Yong's visas were all approved!

Thanks foremost to True Parents who decided to sign the necessary documents even though they were so busy on their tour.

Thanks to Rev Kwak, Dr Walsh and especially Dr and Mrs. Yong for supporting us all the way through this turbulent time.

Thanks to all Australian, New Zealand and all Oceania members you all for your prayers, conditions and absolute faith in this most joyous outcome.

Thanks to our international friends, Mark Brann, Robin Marsh, Tim Reid in England, Larry Moffitt, Dan Fefferman, Bruce Casino, Kaye Allen in the US, for their support.

Thanks to Korean Staff Rev. Choi and Rev. In Ho Joo for their help at the Australian Embassy in Seoul. There are many more who helped in small ways.

This is teamwork on the international level at it s best!!

God Bless you all!!

Rev. Enrique Ledesma
Secretary General

Rev. Rick McInerheney
National Chairman
UPF/IIFWP Australia

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