The Words of the Jenkins Family

Gyocha Blessing Re-Matching And Blessing

Michael Jenkins
November 29, 2005

Dear Family,

This is very important. Please pass on to all members throughout North America no matter what status of participation they have in our movement. Father wants to rematch and bless those whose blessings didn't work out. Let everyone know!!!!

Through the tremendous victory of True Parents in dissolving all walls and barriers and through the successful establishment of the Universal Peace Federation in 100 Cities and all continents an enormous blessing and grace is now being given by our True Parents. On December 28th in Korea an international blessing will be held. In addition to second generation and VIP representatives, Father will be matching individuals whose Blessings did not work out in the past.

The following is copied from the Official Memo from Rev. Kwak and the FFWPUI Headquarters concerning First Generation Re-Blessing:

1. Blessing preparations for 1st generation members
1) Required education
Candidates who wish to participate in the upcoming blessing should complete the required education courses on the Divine Principle and the Blessing as designated by each nation or continent in accordance with the standard for the 400-Million Couples Blessing.
2) Requirements for blessing candidates
? Blessing candidates must accept True Parents as the Messiah and display a heart of absolute obedience to the photo matching by True Parents. Candidates much pledge to maintain their sexual purity and to never to divorce their spouse.
- Re-blessing candidates include:
- Those whose previous spouse has already been re-blessed
- Those whose previous spouse has already been married outside of the church
- Those whose previous spouse has not been re-blessed or married but does not present any objections to the candidate's intention to seek re-blessing
? Re-blessing candidates who fall under any one of the three categories indicated above are eligible to participate in the upcoming matching ceremony as long as they provide documentation endorsed by the national leader that they fall into one of the above categories.

This is historic grace. Please spread the word far and wide.



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