The Words of the Jenkins Family

Gyocha Blessing Memo

Michael Jenkins
November 29, 2005

Dear Leaders,

The Gyocha Blessing (Crossing Point - Intersection) representing Exchange Marriage and Grace is on the foundation of the victory of True Parents World Tour.

The FFWPUI memo of November 27th (received on the 28th) indicates that 1st Generation whose blessings broke can matched again. This is an historic condition of grace which opens the door for all those who have not been able to complete their four position foundation.

Please read the November 27th memo carefully. It indicates that three categories of 1st generation whose blessing didn't work out can be re-matched and blessed by Father directly!!!!


First Generation:
1) Requirements for blessing candidates
? Blessing candidates must accept True Parents as the Messiah and display a heart of absolute obedience to the photo matching by True Parents. Candidates much pledge to maintain their sexual purity and to never to divorce their spouse.
? Re-blessing candidates include:
- Those whose previous spouse has already been re-blessed
- Those whose previous spouse has already been married outside of the church
- Those whose previous spouse has not been re-blessed or married but does not present any objections to the candidate's intention to seek re-blessing
? Re-blessing candidates who fall under any one of the three categories indicated above are eligible to participate in the upcoming matching ceremony as long as they provide documentation endorsed by the national leader that they fall into one of the above categories.

Also please study carefully the document sent by Rev. Schanker (signed by Dr. Yang and I) on the 27th.



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