The Words of the Jenkins Family

Prayer Request For Eiko Hwang

Michael Jenkins
December 5, 2005

Dear Family,

We sincerely request prayer for Mrs. Hwang (Eiko San) the wife of our state leader in UTAH.

Forwarded with this email is Rev. Kim, the regional directors request and a report from Rev. Wendy Stovall in Salt Lake City.

Please offer your heart felt prayers for Eiko San.

We must protect our families.

Thank You.


Attached Message

Asking Prayer Support For Mrs. Eiko Takeda (Rev. Hwang's wife)
Rev. Moon Shik Kim
December 3, 2005

Dear Rev. Jenkins,

I'd like to ask prayer support as many as we can for Mrs. Hwang (State Leader Rev. Sungjo Hwang's wife) in Utah.

Rev. Kim from Oregon

Mrs. Eiko Takeda (Rev. Hwang's wife)
Michael A Stovall
December 3, 2005

Dear Rev. Kim,

From what I have heard this is what I believe is Eiko's situation. She has a very serious infection and low blood pressure.

During an exploratory operation yesterday it was discovered that her uterus and ovaries were very infected and so they were removed last night. They determined that the infection was due to part of the placenta being left in her following the birth of her baby on Monday, Nov. 28th. Her blood pressure was very low there was concern about her heart being in failure.

She is presently in ICU and it won't be until tomorrow that they will know how she is. She currently has antibiotics being fed directly into her heart to fight the infection. Once again this is information that has been given to me by different sources so I am not entirely sure about its accuracy, but it is to the best of my knowledge regarding her situation.


Wendy Stovall

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