The Words of the Jenkins Family

Concerning The Blessing

Michael Jenkins
December 9, 2005

Dear Leaders,

I felt the confidence and seriousness of True Father tonight as I had a conference call with Dr. Yang. Rev. Schanker, Rev. Daugherty, Rev. Joshua Cotter, Rev. James Stewart, Margaret and Bishop Stallings were on the call.

It was very serious.

I just sent out a letter to all First and Second Generation. Please make sure it goes far and wide.

I sincerely thank you for your reports and seriousness to accomplish Father's goal of 1000 for America. Everything is in motion. Now we must really break through. We have to make a very serious effort through the first generation, the ACLC clergy, the Ambassadors for Peace and the Second Generation.

Please break through in your heart. We are well aware of the many many obstacles and difficulties, however we are also seeing miracles occur. Rabbi Waldman is going to the Blessing. Thanks to Mr. Art Roselle and Rev. Kasbow in Michigan.

If you seriously talk to the pastors you will find that some are ready. Some also have members or sons and daughters who they are thinking about. The Ambassadors for Peace are the same. Many have been admiring our families and marriages for years and years with a hope and longing in their hearts that their sons and daughters could be blessed.

At the National Executive Committee Meeting, it was very beautiful to see Rev. and Mrs. Andre Jackson give their testimony about going to Korea for the Blessing. It was very very serious. They understand the meaning of the Holy Wine. They did the indemnity stick. They did their 40 day separation and gave a very very serious testimony of how they have begun a new holy life. Father asked us last summer to send 100 previously married couples to the Blessing. One Regional Director seriously questioned the value of clergy going to Korea for True Parents blessing. He said it was a waste of time. Rev. Kim and Rev. Thompson in San Francisco region didn't bring up all the negatives, they just did everything they could to find the couples. They sent the most to the Blessing last July - August. I saw the fruit yesterday in Rev. and Mrs. Andre Jackson. They are a real blessed couple. Their eyes and hearts opened in Korea. They are deeply inspired and promoting the blessing. This Saturday, December 10th they are conducting the Blessing Ceremony in their church. Rev. Kim and Rev. Thompson are overseeing it. I wish that Regional director who said the blessing for ACLC clergy in Korea had little meaning could understand the burning fire that has been set in the hearts of Rev. Jackson and his wife Carla. It is beautiful. Why did it happen??? Because True Father said America should bring 100 previously blessed couples. You responded and God worked.

Please be serious. Don't back off or assume that the 1000 isn't possible. The only thing we must do is our responsibility. Our responsibility is to get the word out far and wide and sincerely, knowing the depth, content and meaning of the blessing.

Let God work through us.

We are now asking that every Blessed Central Family be responsible to find one candidate for the Blessing.

Thanks my Brothers and Sisters,



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