The Words of the Jenkins Family

Concerning The Blessing - God Has Prepared 1000 In America

Michael Jenkins
December 9, 2005

Dear First and Second Generation,

On the foundation of the victory of the World Tour the call has been given from True Parents to bring 1000 candidates for Blessing to Korea from North America.

Regardless of the challenges involved, please understand that God has prepared 1000 to go to Korea. Our responsibility is to do our best to make sure that we invite and encourage every single candidate who could possibly go. God will bring the results if we set the right conditions of heart, faith and action.

Among the first Generation, Father is hoping that 400 could come from the ACLC foundation (from the Sons and Daughters of the clergy or from the members of their congregations or the Sons and Daughters of their members). We met the National Executive Committee of ACLC on Thursday, December 7th. As we discussed the blessing more sincerely and really shared what Father sees, many pastors began to seriously consider the possibilities from their church or congregation.

Also, please consider your friends whose blessing in the past didn't work out. Many of them have been faithfully attending God and True Parents without a spouse and no clarity about how it could ever be resolved. Now a new blessing is possible for those who lost their spouse to divorce or separation. They can be renewed. Ask them. Please make sure every man, woman and child in the Unification movement and everyone who is connected in any way knows that the blessings that were broken in the past can now be repaired, healed and renewed. God want to see each and every one of his children blessed. He will never give up until everyone is restored and healed. That is God's Heart and the Heart of our True Parents. Please don't let someone miss this opportunity. Maybe they have been very very distant for many years. They may awaken to this call. Make sure they receive all the invitations and information. Let them decide if they want to go or not. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is now prepared and all are invited to come in.

It is time for faith and courage. Dr. Yang and I sincerely ask every Blessed Central Family in America to be responsible to find one candidate for the blessing and help them go to Korea for the Matching and Blessing.

This is such a wonderful time in history. Heaven has opened up the door of blessing!!! Every Blessed Central Family knows those who may be candidates. We have to overcome our own hesitation and break through. First we must concentrate on our own children and brothers and sisters (already about 70 Second Generation are preparing to go). Please do not hesitate asking your children (if you are a blessed couple and parent) or -- your brothers and sisters (if you are a second generation Unificationist). We sincerely ask all Second Generation couples to encourage their friends and brothers and sisters to go to the blessing. We are not asking you to "push" anyone to go. This can cause people to go whose faith is not where it needs to be. However, the worst thing we can do is to be silent and not say anything because we "think" that someone might not be ready. Please let "them" decide by giving them the best possible understanding of the meaning of the Blessing of True Parents.

All Blessed Families should also consider all first generation candidates. Now is God's time. We are very very surprised that one important religious leader who was single has now signed up for the Blessing!!! We never imagined that he would consider it. Now he is going to Korea!!! A number of our Ambassadors for Peace in the Middle East are sending their sons and daughters to the blessing!!!

Please ask all ACLC clergy to consider this blessing for themselves if they are single and for their colleagues and members. Please ask them to sincerely consider their sons and daughters. One of the most difficult things in life at this time for people who are wanting to be married is to find a spouse that you can trust. So many marriages sadly end in breakdown and divorce. Many times it is because the marriage was not rooted in God. Please break through in your own heart and mind to understand God's preparation. God is seeking to create Blessed Families rooted in His lineage with his blessing. Now is the time to open the door for all who are prepared to come in.

Let us do our part to invite everyone possible to come to the matching and blessing. God has prepared the people, we have to set the condition to remove the barriers that block them from "hearing" the call. Yesterday when we shared with the National Executive Committee of ACLC the Pastors were very serious. Then Rev. Edwards said, "I believe I have two." Rev. Dannie Holmes said, "Exactly when do they have to be in Korea." Rev. Bennit Hayes said, " I can think of a few."

The Ambassadors for Peace also have been prepared. Many are now thinking about their own sons and daughters. Why? Because they see the quality of love in the Unification movement and the incredible stability in Blessed Central Families. They also see so many Blessed Families who crossed cultural or racial boundaries. Don't be afraid. Just ask and encourage.

There are many in the Women's Federation for World Peace that are prepared. There are important Women leaders who have sons and daughters that they have sincerely wept over in hopes that they would have a good spouse. Now is the chance for their tears to bear fruit and hopes for their children to bear fruit !!! Ask them to send their sons and daughters. Ask them to go if they are single.

Please believe that you have the power to bring one candidate from among your friends colleagues or family. God has made the preparation. We have to put out the call. Please work with your Regional and Vice regional leaders to secure them for the Blessing.

Its not too late!!! Don't think about the time, just ask. If someone is ready they will respond. They can be there for this moment in history. Ask your children. Let them decide - but don't forget to ask. They may be thinking, "Well if my parents don't say anything, they must not want me to go." Speak out, don't push, speak and encourage. If this is the right time, their original mind will tell them !!!! But their original mind cannot work if they don't hear about it from those that love them.

God has prepared 1000 in America. True Parents have prepared the world through the 100 City World Tour. So far 171 have signed up to go. 1000 can go if we set the right conditions in heart, faith and action.

Thanks America.

In the Love and Grace of our True Parents,


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