The Words of the Jenkins Family

Vice Regional Directors Call

Michael Jenkins
December 13, 2005
Notes by Mary Anglin

Rev. Daugherty: There are major changes going on with ACLC so we need to make sure that you Vice Regional Directors let the state leaders know what occurs on these calls.

Rev. Jenkins: I met with Dr. Yang today regarding the blessing. I would like to go around and get the numbers from each region of both 1st and 2nd generation who are confirmed for Korea.

I want to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart I know you are working so hard and faithfully.

Rev. Schanker: What came clearly from international HQ regarding the blessing is that matched 1st gen couples can participate in the blessing. It opens the door for us to consider the more complicated cases especially regarding the re-blessing of 1st generation couples. A number of cases have external complications. A member may have deep faith but with practical situations they have to deal with, such as age, children, jobs. Also internal complications exist in some cases due to pain in their first blessings. Also due to age, etc it may be complicated. Regarding the cases of married couples, I'm confident that Dr. Yang will get that door open.

Rev. Jenkins: We should start preparing if the door opens for previously married couples. This is not approved yet but we should prepare. Dr. Yang feels we should make minimum 350 couples of our 1000 goal.

Rev. Schanker: There are some 2nd gen whose blessing broke prior to this Cheon Il Guk blessing. If they got matched and it didn't work they are qualified to go. Those who were already blessed prior to the CIG blessings have a more complicated situation. Dr Yang said we should prepare to match those couples ourselves and see if they can be included.

Question: 1st generation who are older will not be matched by Father. What is correct?

Rev. Schanker: Pre-arrangement plan is that we've set up a central point for coordination with Debbie Scott. We are hoping to do as much networking as we can with HQ and Mrs. Erikawa. If you have those cases you can contact Debbie Scott. We will gather info and she will distribute to the regions. We will work to do as much prearrangement as we can in America, and continue in Korea.

Rev. Jenkins: Let us know by emailing Margaret of any situations if you have of someone who wants to go but has no funding. We'll try to work on this issue. I can make an appeal to the whole country. We'll send a memo asking every family to take responsibility for one candidate. We're not just saying give the money, but be conscious and spiritually responsible to find one person to go. Every time we put out another call, another 5 or 6 are found. Also 1st and 2nd generation. ACLC needs to really pass the word out more. Father's hope was for ACLC children and Ambassadors for Peace. I really don't think they're getting approached. We must step up that approach. We are quite surprised in looking at Rabbi Waldman and the spouse he was matched to.

Rev. Henning: A lady who is a former clergyman's wife and is divorced came to Divine Principle overview for two weeks. She totally accepted True Parents. She felt reborn and agreed to this matching. She was met through WFWP.

Question; a candidate phoned tonight that he heard anyone over 50 won't be matched by Father. What should we say?

Rev. Jenkins: They should go. There are basic guidelines but if people really are serious and have the right heart they may be blessed. It is best if older candidates are pre-matched before. Special situations should be done on a case-by-case basis. If we're well informed we can help them. Keep the members, ministers and Ambassadors for Peace informed. If we reach out we'll find them. Previously married couples that are younger can go.

I have two 2nd gen young men here working with us at HQ. They speak Korean and have read the Korean version of the international memos. According to this most recent memo, Father's desire is to move this blessing outside the Unification Church once and for all. In the past the world has seen our blessings as a Unification Church blessing. Father wants to move the concept out of the Unification Church and into the world. Father's hope is 400 clergy candidates will come. If you reach out to them we can make the 1000. Spread the word far and wide.

Father in the Bahamas on 22nd then 23rd in Toronto. Late that night they'll go to East Garden. The next morning at Hoon Dok Hae will be a morning victory celebration. You're all welcome to come. Dr. Yang wants all those on the East Coast to come. Christmas Eve morning. That afternoon they will depart for Korea. No official word yet on other leaders.

Rev. Cotter: Thank you for your responses. I realize the blessing is priority. We're trying to ask each region to recommend each person who can be the representative for each region. I only have 6 regions that have submitted a person for that role. Even though we have many people who are active, I haven't heard officially from you that you've spoken with your regional director, please report in. It is important that we get this national team set up. If you can please continue to focus on that we'd appreciate that. We're looking into buying a domain name. Our goal is to ask each family that will find one family who will become a member of this family association by the end of January. A paying, card-carrying member. We'll be getting materials out to you. Continue to think about a representative. Thank you.

Rev. Schanker: I want to emphasize that the regional directors may not be aware that we have this process for pre-arrangement. If there are candidates in your regions who need this pre-arrangement please connect with Debbie Scott.

Rev. Jenkins: We're at the point of saturation in terms of memos for our leaders. They're having trouble dealing with all the memos. Try to make some big highlighted bullet points, even though they've been announced.

Dr. Yang totally supports this Neighborhood Family Church and will start pushing it among the regional directors. Someone should be the coordinator in each region, hopefully not the Vice Regional Directors or someone with a lot of other responsibilities. It will be called the Family Association. One official Family Association (Hoon Dok Family Church) representative should be appointed in each region. This should not be the regional or vice regional leader.

Rev. Daugherty, please make 4 or 8 page magazine for the Family Association. We need that offering before we launch. We want to have that whole kit together. Rev. McCarthy will design door hangers. We want to develop this literature. It is finished in draft form, but we want everyone to review it and give their ideas on it.

Rev. Cotter: New York region had a district leaders meeting. Mr. Ikeno is leading the way. He's got the experience and is moving from the position of servant of servants to adopted son in his area. Now people are turning to them and he's going to keep going. He's very methodical. I also met with Rev Hong in Washington about his one-on-one teaching in his family. The family must be the center. Then that can spill over into our contacts. We still need more testimonies. We want to hear about those families who are pioneering and breaking through.

Rev. Jenkins: Jim Flynn is doing a tremendous job. He is very confident that we will make the goal of 15,000 Ambassadors for Peace by January 31st.

Rev. Henning: Fifteen clergy couples will be blessed in LA on December 28th. It is the third annual Blessing. It will make almost 30 total clergy couples blessed that completely understand the Principle and are doing the 40-day separation and 3-day ceremony.

Rev. Thompson: Rev. Jackson went to the blessing last August after going to the Philanthropist Conference. He came back on fire. When Father came on the tour he said strongly that you have to get 3 disciples. So Rev. Jackson had an event last week with 100 people attending. He chose his 3 top disciples and brought them up front and gave a very strong speech. He was extremely strong and explained the change of blood lineage. He told them they have to protect him and his family. Then he told them to go get their own 3 couples. He told the mayor in attendance that Rev. Moon had a plan to save the city. He was very clear on Father's direction. He financed it all and did all the work.

Rev. Schanker: We had a chance for a one-day seminar for those clergy in Korea. We explained the change of blood lineage. I'm glad to hear they understood it.

Rev. Jenkins: That is an example of Northern California region working so hard to get couples to the blessing. He showed tremendous sincerity in the Phoenix convocation. At National board meeting, Mrs. Jackson shared so deeply about the experience of their 40-day separation. And restart their family as a holy and blessed couple. He set a goal of $5,000. He was the first person to donate to the World Peace King Bridge Tunnel and he did it in Father's prayer room at Chung Pa Dong. He met Father on the 12-city tour and Father was very moved.

Concerning ages on the blessing. Primarily it's for young people.

There is no international direction regarding an age limit. I'm sure Dr. Yang is thinking, but didn't say it to me; he's thinking about what would be most appropriate. Father is thinking this is for youth and 2nd gen. Dr. Yang's concerned about us sending older candidates. I will make my best effort at trying to clarify this. I would be worried about sending someone seriously old, though there is a 76 year old lady who thinks Father wants her there.

Question: We have a sister who is 56 or 57 she's been a member since mid 70s but who is in and out and never was here during a blessing. She is preparing to go.

Yes send her.

Rev. Jenkins: Thanks everyone. Please have a good rest. Just like Rev. Jackson, many pushed forward last summer. Always Father's direction has enormous opportunity behind it. Please keep an open mind and heart. Let God work. Let every family get the word. Let them know about the blessing.

Rev. Schanker closed the call in prayer.

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