The Words of the Jenkins Family

Update On Reverend Debbie Taylor

Michael Jenkins
December 15, 2005

Dear Family,

Your prayers have healing power!!! When Rev. Debbie Taylor first had her stroke she was in a total comatose state with zero response.

Doctors gave very little chance of any recovery or improvement.


Her husband Rev. Joe Taylor and the children remained totally totally faithful and never wavered. Rev. Taylor also resigned himself to accept whatever course God had given them with Gratitude!!!

It is beautiful. I visited a few times. Your prayers have power, Debbie started to move. Then a little more. Then there was a scary setback and it seemed it was going in reverse. Now there is steady and serious progress. I walked in with Reiko a couple of days ago and she was able to speak. She was able to move her left hand and shake our hands. I believe that a huge miracle has occured. The nurse came and took Debbie by wheelchair to therapy.

GOD AND TRUE PARENTS HAVE ENORMOUS HEALING POWER. We pray that Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim and the myriads from heaven will bring Rev. Debbie Taylor to full recovery. Now is God's time.

PLEASE PRAY. PLEASE SEND DONATIONS FOR Rev. Joe Taylor and his family.

They need our help. Please send $10 - $20 or even $100 to help our Co Pastors who have done so much for God and True Parents.

Send your donation to Rev. Joe and Debbie Taylor C/0 Rev. Eric Holt 4 W. 43rd St. New York, New York 10036



Rev. Michael Jenkins
National Pastor
Family Church of America

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